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I was wondering would you please explain to me: why do some people break their friendships with their friends when they are in a relationship?

(P.S would you please try to give your answer in a easy way that I can understand)

First of all, the question has nothing to do with interracial relationships, cultural differences, or related topics.

Here is an answer to the question in an easy way to understand: Sometimes people break their friendships with their friends when they are in a relationship because their priorities have changed; their new relationship seems to have more potential to them than the past or they cannot know how to have two relationships that are very different and possibly competing at the same time. One guy may be in love with a woman who has goals and dreams. She may not be the same as the male friends the guy may have. The man who loves the woman may wish to grow as a person and may feel he loves the woman; this creates friction and may lead to breakups.  

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