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Hello, my name is Adryannah Xayavong and I am student at Grant Union High school here in Sacramento. I am composing a research report on inter-racial couples/marriage and I was hoping you could help me with some information. I was particularly interested in learning why or why not inter-racial couples/marriages are acceptable and if you could direct me to some resources on that, or even allow me to interview you. Thank you for your time. If you have anything else that might help me, I would really appreciate it. You can contact me by email at . Thanks again.

Answer apologies for the late reply I had major computer issues that didnt allow me online for some time. I would go on google look up the points of why interracial couples/marriage are not acceptable. You would get a lot more going online than I would since I don't know any real pages on what you're looking for and I am open to interview questions you can resubmit your questions and change the status of your message to private and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

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I can answer just about everything about interracial dating and what you will expect to deal with if you are in one. I won't answer questions about the psychological elements because I don't have a background in psychology to answer that.


I have been in two long term relationships with individuals who were biracial and I have experience in friends who have dated and are married to people who are of a different race.

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