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Im a Hispanic girl who met an albanian guy online. He is 23 and im 37 (but i look 20) he sounds very mature for his age. We skype everyday, there is a 6 hour difference but he stays up and we talk for hours. He told me that he has applied for a student visa. We have about 1 month taking and he just told his parents about me (Thats what he claims). He wants to go and visit his country because he wants me to meet his parents and I'm planning to go in august. My feelings for him are growing, i truly enjoy talking to him and i appreciate the fact that he sacrifices his sleep to talk to me. Im just worried that he might not get his visa. Getting his papers through marriage, that scares me. Also I'm a christian and he is muslim but he doesn't practices, that is the only thing I'm not happy about. But he says that he would go with me to my church.
Any opinions?

Hi thank you for your question.......Although you guys are 14 years apart in age I would strongly suggest this you need to meet each other in person that's when you will see how this guy really acts. I would also look at visiting each other a few times before you start wanting to meet family. Albanians tend to be very close knit and I would also expect him to tell his family about you because the last thing you want is for this guy's family to make you feel unwelcome. Coming from someone who was raised muslim you will likely have to convert since Albanians are very traditional in nature. His family might not like the fact that you're so much older and would have expected a woman your age to be married with kids so that's another factor as well. Right now focus on meeting each other offline and spending time together before you go through the expense of getting a passport and hopping a plane to meet this guy's family. Have you told your family about this guy? Keep in mind that hispanic culture is too very tight knit and many latin groups prefer to stay within their own which is what I found.  Spend actual face to face time before you start traveling to see this guy's family.

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I can answer just about everything about interracial dating and what you will expect to deal with if you are in one. I won't answer questions about the psychological elements because I don't have a background in psychology to answer that.


I have been in two long term relationships with individuals who were biracial and I have experience in friends who have dated and are married to people who are of a different race.

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