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I  was dating this Albanian guy, we are both students in a college in Canada. I was older than him which he knew before we started dating.,i am from african..everything was wonderful until when his parents found out i was pregnant for him.. they asked him to tell me to take out the baby which i refused, now am 5months gone.. when i was just 8 weeks his Mum came all the way from Albania to take him away without my notice.I just found out my baby is going to be a boy. Ever since he left no communication from him.. i tried reaching out on Facebook.. he doesn't reply my message.. i have is parents information but i don't know what to do..Should i inform them when i give birth or not. He wanted to marry me so he told his parents then,..they started saying things about me taking advantage of him..They never tried to get to know me as a person. They judged me from my nationality and age. Please i need advise on what to do next.

Unfortunately.....You can't change this guy's parents and sounds to me like they're stuck in their ways and apparently he allowed them to come between you guys. It's sad that you're pregnant and without him there to support you. All you can do is hope he will come to his senses and realize what he has. I wish I had more to advise you on. It's really disappointing that this guy you were seeing was not thinking for himself and he needs to step up and take responsibility for this child that's coming. They can't tell you to abort your baby since you're too far along in your pregnancy and I don't see how having a mixed race child will make a world of difference anyway. I found that some younger men make better mates because they tend to be more mature. He probably doesnt reply because he knows his parents likely check facebook and could read his messages. Do you have an email address for him? That might work more than Facebook at least it's more private and secure whereas Facebook is public despite using privacy settings.Try to reach him that way see if that works and tell him that you can't raise this child on your own. It's hard enough you're a student and pregnant when you need all the support you can. This guy doesnt sound to me like he's ready to stand up to his parents and let them know he will love who wants to love even if that person's another race. Keep reaching out to him until he decides to reach back and talk to you about what you and him plan to do in terms of this baby coming. He doesnt have much time because you're 4 months away from giving birth and you need to figure out what is going to happen with you and him and this child.

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I can answer just about everything about interracial dating and what you will expect to deal with if you are in one. I won't answer questions about the psychological elements because I don't have a background in psychology to answer that.


I have been in two long term relationships with individuals who were biracial and I have experience in friends who have dated and are married to people who are of a different race.

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