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Interspecies Conflict/Badger vs. Wolverine


darrel wrote at 2008-09-27 22:51:11

have you taken into account the moods of the animals? What if the wolverine slept with the badgers wife? Or daughter? I know, tough to say isnt it? Also, gang affiliation and intimidation need to be taken into account. Camoflouge and hiding spots as well. Beware the badger sneak attack. ponder that.

Bob wrote at 2009-01-27 23:45:57
i doubt it would be the badger for a wolverine has been known for killing humans and young, but still matured and powerful, bears, and both the animals have a close fighting style.

another reason is that wolverines have the jaw of a small bear. So if the animals were both fully healthy the wolverine would quite possibly have the greatest chance of winning.

Smilyshick wrote at 2009-03-05 17:53:08
I agree that the wolverine would win. It had also been said that they can take on grizzly bears! Witch is amazing. Sure Badgers can fight but, can they take on a grizzly? I don't think so. And plus, coyotes are wimpy and little, i wouldn't be surprised if a fox took out a coyote! (JK) But yes, I know a wolverine would take out a badger. Easy.  

Chacaroy wrote at 2009-10-25 03:53:23
There is a video somewhere in the internet (YouTube?)that shows a fight between an adult badger and two wolverines, an adult and a young adult. The smaller badger stood its ground and fought back fiercely. The wolverines could not hurt it because of its loose skin and fat. Each time they got a hold of it, I thought the badger would be minced meat. The badger simply twisted loose each time and bit back. The wolverines, exhausted and bitten a lot, finally gave up and left the badger alone. The badger continued searching for grubs as though nothing had happened.

Octavian wrote at 2010-07-26 22:30:53
I saw a movie about animal encounters filmed by two brothers over a year in the wild. The badger vs wolverine fight was a draw.Badger vs black bear was a draw also after about 5 minute fight.The wolverine then distroyed the brothers camp when they were out.Can't find this film I saw in Florida on the animal network. Many more encounters the bothers had on film.Octo

Cranky Teacher wrote at 2011-02-09 19:27:53
I remain skeptical of both answers posted above, as the writers don't understand the basics of spelling and punctuation. They also don't realize that word processing programs would correct those errors, if the writers knew how to use them. Never put too much faith in such people's intellectual rigor!

Cavalrytrooper wrote at 2011-02-20 01:08:34
Don't be misled by relative size when considering capability to move anything apparently larger than ones self. Think about the ant.

taxidea wrote at 2011-03-01 13:29:41
Hello if you would watch Wild America which is a old nature show there was an episode called cusins in which there was such a battle the show named the winner as the badger though neither fighter was killed. it was the wolverine that left the area.  

jj27 wrote at 2011-05-22 23:44:25
i think the badger would win with its armor like skin and large teeth the wolverine  would not win.but i do see your point.

Jennifer wrote at 2012-02-22 20:54:16
Actually, there have been documented conflicts of badgers and wolverines. While both animals are fierce fighters, hot tempered and very aggressive, majority of the time the badger wins the fight.

The documented conflicts never ended in both animals fighting to the death. Animals are smarter than that. They fight until the realize either they cannot win, or they wish to avoid injury to survive.

In the documented conflicts, what gave the badger the edge was the fact that it is a burrower; low to the ground and very quick to move and bite. When the wolverine towers over it, the badger hunkers down and plants himself to the ground, and leaves his thick skinned back to defend himself exposed, almost like a turtle. As the wolverine prefers to kill be biting the belly and throats of its prey and enemies, the wolverine will try to turn the badger onto his belly. When he tries, the badger starts to bite and tear at the wolverine's paws and legs with his teeth, turning quickly and gripping the ground with his long claws. The wolverine is quick to disengage since the animal knows that if his legs and paws get injured, he won't be able to hunt or fight.

I guess you could call it a stalemate in a sense, but since the wolverine tends to take more damage and give up in the fight, I'd have to say the Badger basically wins.

Jknowitall wrote at 2012-04-16 20:28:31
Both answers are actually contradictory to eachother. First answer states that based on size and strength that the wolverine would win and the second answer attempts to counter the other by stating that the badger is a much skilled fighter. and in the animal kingdom 9 out 10 times skill & cunning is used as a defensive tactic and a decoy to sike out its predator. In the case of both the badger and the wolverine there fearlessness and unorthodox methods tend too confuse their much larger opponents, causing them to run away with their tails tucked beneath their legs. By the first response's logic and usually the most logical. These much bigger predators should have no problem mauling these small little tenacious critters. But hence the physicality is far from the finishing a battle in the animal kingdom. Its all about making urself the scariest and most intimidating to compensate for size. And to contradict the first response, size doesn't always matter as both badger and wolverine both have been known to deal with much bigger animals. The true answer to this question comes to a toss up. Its fairly basic and simple, "who has whose number that day and who could deal the killing blow first". Both are fearless warriors and both will not kneel to nobody (hence the "not having any known predators" deal). it would be up to who can sike out who first (not likely to happen as they are both fearless) and since their both stocky muscular (the badger having the edge in agility while the wolverine having the advantage in strength)it would come down to who can deliver the debilitating bite that would deem the other incapacitated enough to quickly finish them off.

Both tough son of a guns, but in the end the only winner here is the guy with the illegal, badger vs wolf fighting ring in their back yard ;) ...late reply but better then believing unicorns horn residue will keep ur teeth cavity free lol

Gordo Splinovoritz wrote at 2013-01-15 00:10:54
On a football field, this is easy a wolverine everytime.

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