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Quy Tam wrote at 2010-02-17 04:29:43
Usually, when we say same size about animal, we go by weight.  If we had a tiger weighing something like 6-7 tons like the T-Rex,'re talking about a tiger that is as big as an elephant here.  Think of it as being 6-7 tons of muscles.  I think in terms of maneuvrability, the tiger wins, since it distributes its weight on 4 legs.  Sure, T-Rex has 1 foot long teeth, but a Tiger that size will probably have something similar, since normal tigers already have 4 inch long canines and 2-3 inch long claws.  

A tiger with those proportions, IMHO, would win over the T-Rex most of the time, simply because it would likely be fast enough to avoid the T-Rex' bite and go for the throat.  T-Rex not having arms topush away the tiger, which has massive arms and claws would tear up T-Rex, again, if they were the same size.

We have to imagine the same scenario when Smilodon faces one of the Terror birds.  

banjobarnacle wrote at 2011-06-22 02:32:39
not a good answer. Modern Grizzly Bears were not found in North America until the Short Faced Bear became extinct.  This was because the short faced bear killed them and they could not get a foot hold.

Peter wrote at 2014-04-14 05:50:56
I'd give the tiger the odds due to agility as a tiger can destroy a crocodile quite easily, certainly though the T Rex has a big advantage as it has the strongest known jaws of any predator in history, Spinosaurus isn't even worth considering as it's a fish eater and the Tyrannosaurs were the most highly evolved carnivores of all dinosaurs, the same way cats are the elite mammalian carnivores though they evolved to be large, strong and fast rather than outrightly strong.

Then again yes it is true the T Rex will be very hard to take down directly unless the tiger can somehow floor the beast, if it manages to it's over for the dino. (The tiger will lose it's fabled athleticism though if it was 20-40times upscaled, which is the hypothetically the mass difference between a T Rex and tiger)

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