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kevin wrote at 2012-06-18 18:14:13
A sabertooth tiger has two large canines that can reach 7 inches long and can kill the short faced bear if it happened to bite it. But the short faced bear weighed 2 times the sabertootth tiger weighed, and had huge paws that reached 1 ft wide and 1 ft long. The short faced bear also was very good in built, and is built for fighting large wild cats like the sabertooth tiger. A powerful swipe of a short faced bear can break the sabertooth tiger's canines off. The sabertooth tiger has a better chance in ambush, but in a face to face, the sabertooth tiger would become the short faced bear's lunch.

Joe Pizana wrote at 2013-02-23 02:53:19
You all forgot 1 major thing.The teeth of smilodon were very weak against struggling prey. They would've broken. I have a dvd to prove it.A professor did do studies as well as 3 paloentologist all came out with same conclusion smilodon had very weak teeth against struggling prey.Please read a book people and put technology down once in a while.

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