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Oase wrote at 2013-03-31 01:07:56
Savannah monitor vs Gila Monster: defenitely the monitor because its bigger

King Cobra vs Russel Viper: Cobras would win

Mosasaurus vs Megalodon : mosasaurus would have 50/50 because its speed and the megalodon has strenght

Komodo vs Anaconda: Komodo wins 1000000000000/0 no question. A tail slash would kill the snake

Interspecies Conflict

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I can help with interspecies conflict questions regarding carnivorous vertebrate animals. Also I can answer questions regarding ecological role of various mammals. You can also ask me questions about tigers and their current situation in tiger reserves. No questions about domestic animals please. I am only an expert with wild mammals.


I'm currently studing animal biology. I've been researching 'Interspecies conflict' from a long time. I've read alot of books on wildlife,also I've been visiting a native zoological park from quite a few years to study the behaviour of animals there.

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