Interspecies Conflict/wolf vs cheetah


Wolf wrote at 2014-08-01 22:49:57
Wolves have a bite force of 1500 pounds guys ,and would destroy a cheetah, which is faster but tires much quicker. Wolf vs cougar is a very close one but still wolves bite force is stronger, but cougar are heavier and have stronger arms but they still tire quicker than wolves. Wolves also have more hair than cougars, which makes it harder for them to bite through. And wolf vs hyena could go eather way.

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I can answer questions relating to species interaction, as well as hypothetical faceoffs. Questions relating to hypothetical interaction can be answered as well, including other aspects of interspecies conflict.


To date, I'm still finishing up high school. Although, I've had experience with animals both in and outside of the field. I've also read about animals (wild) most of my life.

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