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chris wrote at 2012-07-12 04:55:14
Asian Black Bear vs Sloth Bear: Asian black bear. It has a fairly stronger bite,more robust, larger, and is quite carnivorous.

lioness vs saltwater crocodile: With the saltwater crocodile being 15 ft or longer, it would be too much of a match for a big cat.

Fady wrote at 2013-05-08 03:26:10

There have been numerous confirmed instances of great cats killing crocodilians on land. You can note, for example this account of a leopard killing a fairly young crocodile:

Or this footage of a tigress killing a crocodile:

The vast majority of crocodiles, even the largest species, the saltwater crocodile, are well under fifteen feet in length on average. It is true that crocodiles are exceedingly powerful reptiles and they possess among the highest bite force in the animal kingdom, but they are simply too slow and sluggish to be much of a threat to a member of the genus Panthera on land.

As far as the Asiatic black bear and sloth bear matchup is concerned; as I've said, a lot would depend on the specimen in question. Certainly some younger black bears would be little match against a large, adult sloth bear and vice versa. However, given the fact that the sloth bear's laterally compressed teeth haven't evolved to kill megafauna, it is feasible that the Asiatic black bear would have the advantage.



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