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justin wrote at 2012-06-20 21:23:38
A 700 lb american or asian black bear is very huge and can kill a 375 lb jaguar just like what a crocodile would do to its prey. An adult black bear given that size could even defeat the biggest wild cat in the world, the siberian tiger!

justin wrote at 2012-06-20 21:28:22
The sloth bear has a very good chance against a sumatran tiger. A sumatran tiger weighs 270 lbs on average, while a male sloth bear can weigh up to 400 lbs. The sloth bear's sharp powerful claws can give terrible injuries to a tiger, although the sloth bear's bite is really weak. Sloth bears can kill adult bengal tigers in face to face combat if they were really agitated.

justin wrote at 2012-06-20 21:36:37
A lioness or a lion does not have much of a chance against a male black bear. A lioness or even a bengal tiger loses to a hyena in a fight, but an asian black bear once killed a spotted hyena with one blow of a paw. Black bears have strong, dense bones with more weight strength and mass than lions or tigers. The paws of the black bear can reach to the size of a grizzly bear's paw, and the claws are very sharp. A few placed swipes of the black bear can kill or severly injure a big cat. Lions are lazier than tigers, and asian/american black bears have about the same strength as bengal or even the siberian tiger.

justin wrote at 2012-06-20 21:39:39
Amur brown bears or siberian grizzly bears have been known to kill male siberian tigers out of defense and for kills. A smaller bengal tiger would be not difficult for an amur brown bear to handle, especially in a face to face. Amur brown bears can weigh about 2 times as much as a large bengal tiger weighs. Asian black bears and sloth bears are also able to handle and sometimes kill bengal tigers.

justin wrote at 2012-06-25 21:24:25
Ratel vs Yellow anaconda?

Yellow anacondas can grow to lengths of 12-14 ft long, and weigh nearly 300 lbs. Its weight would crush the ratel, especially in an ambush.

Ratel vs Caiman?

The caiman would overpower the ratel. Ratels are too small to handle a jaguar. Caimans also have been known to take down jaguars.

justin wrote at 2012-06-27 18:53:46
Yellow anaconda vs Ocelet?

An ocelet is too small to handle a yellow anaconda. Yellow anacondas weigh 200 lbs and grow 10-14 ft long, and their size would crush the ocelet. The ocelet's claws and teeth are not effective against the thick skin of the yellow anaconda. The yellow anaconda's bite is also quite deadly to an animal about the size of an ocelet or wolf.

drake wrote at 2012-07-23 01:23:26
Siberian Tiger vs American Black Bear: A full grown male american black bear with great experience can kill a siberian tiger as long there it weighs 550 lbs or over. The american black bear's immense strength along with its powerful paws would be devastating to the siberian tiger.

Sloth Bear vs Sumatran tiger: The male sloth bear is actually going to be quite larger than the sumatran tiger when full grown, with weights of 400 lbs vs 275 lbs. Its sheer aggression and deadly claws is going to be danger for the sumatran tiger.

Lion vs Black Bear: The asian black bear can grow larger than the asian lion. 500 lbs vs 380 lbs. I think the asian lion is in danger over here. As for the american black bear vs lion, a 100 lb weight advantage given to the black bear would be very safe. A lioness is going to be no match against a full grown black bear.

drake wrote at 2012-07-23 01:26:22
700 lb black bear vs 375 lb jaguar: Jaguars normally do not grow this big, and they average only 175 lbs. The black bear of this size is ridiculously large compared to the average black bear, with weights of 400-600 lbs. According to the scenario, the black bear would dominate over the jaguar fairly easily.

gary wrote at 2012-08-09 21:37:09
700 lb black bear vs 375 lb jaguar- Black bear at this size, no contest for any big cat. Jaguars do not grow this big, and they average around 175 lbs.

Sun bear vs grey wolf- Although slightly smaller than the grey wolf, sun bears are very strong and well armed with large claws plus large bites as well. I do not see how the grey wolf is winning without an ambush and bite to the sun bear's skull.

Sumatran tiger vs sloth bear- I would favor the sloth bear as it has deadly long claws and is more aggressive. A large sloth bear would have a good weight advantage over the sumatran tiger.

Polar bear vs siberian tiger- The polar bear would win. It is stronger, more powerful, and 2 times larger. I also favor the much smaller grizzly bear over the siberian tiger as they would be too strong and too well armed.

Black caiman vs blue shark- Black caimans have extremely sharp bites along with a larger bite force than the blue shark. The black caiman is also quite larger and heavier than the blue shark, so it has a definite chance to win both in shallow and deep water.

Grizzly Bear vs Bengal tiger- The grizzly bear, no contest. Again, they are too well built, too large, and too well armed.

Asiatic black bear vs leopard- The Asiatic black bear, no contest. It is a lot bigger and stronger than the leopard.

Sloth bear vs cougar- Sloth bear, no contest.

Lioness vs male black bear- Lionesses average 250-280 lbs, as a large asiatic black bear can weigh over 400 lbs. The asiatic black bear is too big here.

Saltwater crocodile vs bull shark- The saltwater crocodile. It would be quite larger and have a much more powerful bite than the bull shark.

Nile crocodile vs jaguar- Although they are excellent reptile hunters, jaguars tend not to fight viciously. And a large nile crocodile would be too strong and too powerful. In water, the nile crocodile has a distinct advantage as it is known to drag big prey under water.

A 400 lb sloth bear would be quite large and would be capable of killing a bengal tiger if agitated. The aggression and deadly long claws of the sloth bear also gives it a big advantage.

dores wrote at 2012-10-07 20:43:51
The above answer needs improvement.

700 lb black bear vs 375 lb jaguar- The black bear at this size should prevail this massive jaguar.

Sun bear vs grey wolf- The wolf is a born fighter and a born hunter, but it is going to struggle to take on a 100 pound bear armed with big claws and having a huge jaw.

sumatran tiger vs sloth bear- The sloth bear is not as robust as other bears, and they are also not predatory, but it is known to be extremely aggressive. It has a very weak bite, but it has big long claws that can cause serious injuries on the 260 lb cat. Its a close fight at equal sizes, but I side overall with the sumatran tiger.

Polar bear vs siberian tiger- Polar bears are immensely strong massive bears, and is the largest land carnivore. A well placed paw swipe of a polar bear can shatter the siberian tiger's skull. The siberian tiger also struggles to take on adult siberian brown bears.

black caiman vs blue shark- The black caiman should win as the blue shark isn't really powerful nor aggressive. Also, black caimans have very sharp and very strong bites as said.

Grizzly bear vs Bengal tiger- I back the grizzly bear, but the bengal tiger has some sort of a chance. It could well leap on the grizzly bear's back and deliver a bite to the spine, but I think the grizzly bear is powerful and strong enough to throw it off.

Asiatic black bear vs leopard- The asiatic black bear could kill the leopard in two well placed paw swipes.

Sloth bear vs cougar- The cougar doesn't have much of a chance. Sloth bears are 2 times the size of cougars, generally very aggressive bears and they can cause serious damage to the cougar with its long claws.

Lioness vs black bear- The Black bear should beat a lioness. It is much more robust and much larger.

Saltwater crocodile vs bull shark- The bull shark would win in deep waters as it would be agile and can bite the crocodile's belly underwater. In shallow water, the saltwater crocodile would win as it is normally much bigger, has a stronger bite force, has more space to fight, and is better armored.

Nile crocodile vs jaguar- On land, a jaguar can kill a decent sized nile crocodile if it leaped on the crocodile's back and crushed its skull with its bite. But it would be risky for a jaguar to tackle a 15 ft or bigger crocodile, even on land. In water, the nile crocodile could outmaneuver the jaguar and drown it underwater.  

Opinion wrote at 2013-03-26 07:13:55
Short answers

1. Jaguar would eventually win. It is still too powerful.

2. Bear, easily.

3. In a fight to the death, the tiger should be heavily favored.

4. Bear wins simply because of size.

5. The blue shark can win in open waters. The caiman would easily win in shallow waters.

6. A prime bengal tiger can kill the grizzly bear, but the average wont.

7. The asiatic black bear is twice the weight of the leopard, and would easily win.

8. Boa should easily win in water. On land, the ocelot could kill it.

9. The average cougar can win, but not without serious injuries.

10. Lioness, but very close.

11. Same as 5.

12. In water, the crocodile. On land, the jaguar has a good chance none the less.

13. Crocodile easily wins due to weight.

14. In a fight, the bear would be destroyed.

15. On land, ratel. In water, the snake.

16. Caiman, on land and in water. The small caiman's armor would be quite difficult for the ratel to claw or bite through.  

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