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gary wrote at 2012-06-25 18:04:08
Anaconda vs Siberian Tiger?

The largest anacondas weighed 500 lbs, and reached 12 meters or 36 ft in length. An anaconda given this size could crush the tiger, especially if it ambushed it.

Anaconda vs Water buffalo?

Unless the water buffalo is young, the anaconda would get crushed by the water buffalo's hoofs or gored by it. Adult water buffalos are too heavy for an anaconda to constrict around, even the largest anacondas.

gary wrote at 2012-06-25 18:08:35
Anaconda vs Gorilla?

It would be a 50/50. The largest anaconda would weigh as much as a large gorilla, and anacondas can bind large animals around that weight. But a gorilla's smartness and mobility would make it hard for the large anaconda to constrict around.

justin wrote at 2012-06-29 22:55:20
Anaconda vs Mountain Gorilla?

The gorilla is perfectly built to wrestle the anaconda, and its large canines/powerful bite force would kill the anaconda. Only a 30 ft anaconda can kill a gorilla in an ambush, especially a female gorilla.

Anaconda vs Black Bear?

Asian Black bears have been known to kill pythons on occasion, but the anaconda would be a different case. Anacondas can get much thicker and longer than pythons, in which can overwhelm the asian black bear in an ambush. It would need to becareful of the asian black bear's deadly claws.

Anaconda vs Grizzly Bear?

In water, a very large anaconda would be able to drown a grizzly bear.

Anaconda vs Bengal tiger?

A python would lose against a fully grown bengal tiger, but a fully grown 8 meter anaconda would have no trouble.

Anaconda vs Nile crocodile?

Black caimans have been known to kill large anacondas. The larger nile crocodile would have no trouble.

Anaconda vs Polar bear?

The polar bear would easily destroy the anaconda on land. In deep water, it would take a 12 meter anaconda to drown the polar bear.

Anaconda vs Lion?

Same as bengal tiger.

Anaconda vs American alligator?

Pythons have been known to kill alligators in everglades, and the larger/thicker anaconda would have no trouble in an ambush.

Anaconda vs Siberian Tiger?

Same as lion.

Anacconda vs Hippo?

The hippo, no contest. It would use its jaws to bite the anaconda in half or crush it with its massive weight.

Anaconda vs Jaguar?

It would take a 6 meter anaconda to kill an adult jaguar.

Anaconda vs Black caiman?

Same as nile crocodile.

Anaconda vs Walrus?

The walrus, no contest. It would only need to crush the anaconda with its weight.

Anaconda vs Alligator gar?

The anaconda, no contest. Alligator gars can get very large, but their jaw built is not that strong.

Anaconda vs Giant Octopus?

Giant octopus, no contest. The giant octopus would use its thick tentacles and large size to crush the anaconda. If the anaconda binded the giant octopus, the giant octopus can use its tentacles to grab it or use its beak to bite it.

Anaconda vs Water buffalo?

The water buffalo would easily win on land, as well as in shallow water since it weighs 3-5 times an anaconda weighs. In deep water, a 12 meter anaconda would be able to drown a water buffalo.  

spokes wrote at 2012-10-24 23:18:01
More information

Anaconda vs Silverback gorilla in water- Gorillas are not good swimmers, and a large anaconda could probably bind and drown it.

Anaconda vs Black bear in water- The black bear would win head on head if it got a hold of the boa and crushed its head. In an ambush, a large anaconda could kill the black bear.

Anaconda vs Grizzly bear in water- Same scenario as above, except better chances for the grizzly bear to win.

Anaconda vs Bengal tiger in water- The bengal tiger would win as long as it could keep the boa from not ambushing it. Bengal tigers are good reptile killers and swimmers.

Anaconda vs Nile crocodile- The nile crocodile would win. It is much heavier than the boa, and also its bite could easily kill the boa.

Anaconda vs Polar bear- Same scenario as anaconda vs grizzly/black bear, except much better chances of the polar bear winning. Polar bears are very good swimmers and also are massively strong/big.

Anaconda vs Lion- The anaconda could win if it is able to ambush the lion. Lions are not good swimmers, and also are not good reptile killers.

Anaconda vs American alligator- Same scenario as nile crocodile.

Anaconda vs Siberian tiger- Same scenario as bengal tiger, except a little bit better chances for the anaconda.

Anaconda vs hippo- The hippo, no doubt. The boa is too small to constrict the hippo, and a bite of the hippo could easily bite the boa in half.

Anaconda vs Black caiman- Same scenario as anaconda vs nile crocodile, but a little bit better chances for the boa to win.

Anaconda vs walrus- The walrus would crush the boa with its weight. It could also use its tusks to pierce the anaconda.

Anaconda vs alligator gar- The anaconda would easily win.

Anaconda vs giant octopus- Unless the giant octopus is much bigger than the anaconda, the anaconda would be able to constrict the octopus and crush it.

Anaconda vs water buffalo- If the anaconda did get a constrict of the buffalo's neck, it could kill it. But this is unlikely due to the buffalo's size. The buffalo could easily crush a 300 lb anaconda to death.  

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