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Trish wrote at 2010-10-05 10:04:08
From Trish

Even at 800 lbs the gorilla stil has very little chance against a lion or tigar. In gorilla vs big cat battles the gorillas size serously dont mean any thing because of the cats agility and weopanry. Gorillas have been prayd upon by leopards before and even against a leopard the gorilla would haf to have luck on his side to win however this is hypothicily speaking because in real life you would never see a gorilla kill a leopard and you would always see a leopard come out on top in pretty much every single battle. Now if i were to choose which of the two big cats an 800 pound gorilla would stand a chance against i would pick the lion in a one on one battle that is. But the tigar on the other hand would have no real trouble wining because its the king at tackling hug animals alone.theyve killed rhinos,brown bears,and even elephants before so an a 800 pound gorilla would be a peace of cake. So in conclusion to this question even with an 800 pound gorilla the lion or tigar wins pretty much always.

Now kangaroo vs cape buffalo? This is the thousand question iv read on this website that almost made me die of loughter. Theres no way the reader is seriouse about this question.  

Trish wrote at 2015-03-19 16:01:52

Cape Buffalo vs Kangaroo-Its actually not a bad matchup on paper come to think of it.But still the buffalo wins.  

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I can answer a variety of questions on interspecies conflict including hypothetical questions. I can go into detail if necessary. I would also like to mention that I prefer questions on reptiles vs mammals or reptiles in general however my best topic is theropod dinosaurs. I have a good understanding of the physiology of most species but cannot answer questions on things such as bite force as statistics on these vary a lot.


I have studied animals both living and extinct since I was a child and was particularly fascinated by theropods and big cats. I am famous at college for knowing everything about various animals and how they behave.

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