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Aubrey wrote at 2009-08-05 15:35:20
I have read that many years ago, (1800's?) in California people would import African Lions to fight Grizzly's for sport (after they tried bears vs. spanish bulls which always ended with a one hit crushed skull for the bull). The lions would charge right in after the bear, but end in the same result, a crushed skull for the bear's opponent. Its just the incredible difference in bone density and strength. Now a Cape Buffalo...that'd be interesting.)

Cole the expert wrote at 2010-05-15 19:55:00
Aubrey - I have never heard of lions transported to America, there is no official records if these california fights Eactually took place and I heavily doubt if the bear won easily. The skull of a lion is very strong, as they regulary take kicks from Zebras and stand up like nothing. Grizzly bears aren't adapted fighting large felids, while Panthera Leo is a highly experienced fighter, hunting upon Cape Buffalo (much stronger than a bull). Not to mention they are faster, more agile, have stronger jaw force, smarter and have much larger sharper canines + sharper claws.

an African Lion could stand a good chance against a Grizzly Bear

Gian wrote at 2010-09-01 23:34:12
From Gian

About the alligator matches

American Alligator vs Moose: I respect every body's opinion but i gotta say i think an alligator would be more than strong enough to to drag a full grown moose under water. Alligators have raw strength and could very well pull even larger animals than moose under water.

American Alligator vs Wildebeest: The Alligator with out a doubt. Both Alligator and Crocodiles have evolved to take this kind of pray.And plus the wildebeest would be way to timid to ever attack the alligator and it really wouldn't have the body weight to kill the alligator under foot like the moose would.

gary wrote at 2012-06-29 19:22:47
Orinoco Crocodile vs American Crocodile?

I'd need to go with the american crocodile. The american crocodile is better armed, longer jaw, sharper teeth, more aggressive, and larger.

Polar bear vs Great white shark?

A polar bear can kill a great white shark in shallow water, as polar bears are known to kill beluga whales in water less than 10 ft deep. In deep water, the great white shark is too fast, too powerful, and its powerful jaws can crush the polar bear.

Cheetah vs Hyena?

A spotted hyena's bite can certainly kill a cheetah, but the cheetah can kill the hyena if it charged at it.

American alligator vs Moose?

A 13 ft american alligator would fairly win on land, and as well as in water. Moose are not adapt to fighting crocodilians, and the alligator can drown it.

Gorilla vs Saltwater crocodile?

The saltwater crocodile, especially on land near water. It is too aggressive, too strong, and its jaws armed with sharp teeth produce 5000 psi of force. It would crush the gorilla before the gorilla can do anything.

Saltwater crocodile vs Great white?

I'd favor the saltwater crocodile in shallow water. It is far better armed, has a larger jaw, and more aggressive.

Tiger shark vs Nile crocodile?

A 16 ft or larger nile crocodile would be able to overwhelm a tigershark in water less than 20 ft deep.

Gorilla vs Kodiak bear?

The Kodiak bear would win as it is 3 times heavier and larger than a gorilla, and its paws/jaws can do a lot of damage. All species of bears can kill a gorilla, except for a panda bear.

Blue shark vs Mugger crocodile?

The mugger crocodile would be extremely aggressive towards its enemy or when disturbed. Blue sharks are not as large as mako sharks or tigersharks and would stand no chance, unless the water is over 50 ft deep.

Tiger vs Kodiak bear?

Amur brown bears have been known to kill large siberian tigers on occasion, and steal their prey. And amur brown bears can also weigh as much as a kodiak bear.

Black caiman vs Cheetah?

It is a mismatch, the cheetah is not adapted to fight crocodiles unlike jaguars or tigers are. The black caiman's large size would overpower the cheetah if the cheetah gets close enough.

Great white shark vs Tiger?

The great white shark would easily win both in water, but would be an easy meal on land.

Lion vs Tigershark?

Lions actually do like water, but not as much as tigers do. Since lions do not fight in water, a tigershark would be able to drown the lion.

Lion vs Amur Brown bear?

The amur brown bear weighs at least 2-3 times a lion weighs, and it is also known to kill siberian tigers. The lion would be dead soon as the brown bear's claws and massive strength contacts it.

Black Bear vs Cougar?

A fully grown black bear would easily win. Cougars are no match for an adult black bear, but a young one could be killed.

Cheetah vs Hippo?

If the cheetah charged at its fastest pace, the hippo would be hurt.

Hippo vs 28 ft saltwater crocodile?

The saltwater crocodile given this size can kill an adult hippo, but it would need to ambush rather than a face to face.

Sloth bear vs brown bear?

The brown bear's bones are too strong, and its heavier weight/bigger size would overcome the aggressive sloth bear.

Lion vs Grizzly Bear?

The Grizzly Bear would be too strong, large, and well armed for a single lion. A group of 5 or more lions can kill a grizzly bear, although two would be dead.

American alligator vs wildebeest?

Only on dry land far away from water, the wildebeest would be able to trample and kill the alligator.

Cobra vs bengal tiger?

Same thing with a sloth bear, cobra's bite is way too venomous for any land animal to handle.

Anaconda vs Black caiman?

I'd favor a 8 meter green anaconda over an adult black caiman in an ambush since it can strangle and bind the anaconda. In face to face, the black caiman can kill the anaconda with a powerful bite.

Opinion wrote at 2013-03-24 07:25:11
Short answers

1. American crocodile because of more powerful bite.

2. In shallow waters, the polar bear can win.

3. Brown bear in this one.

4. Hyena, but not without a few injuries.

5. Moose, on land. In water, alligator would win.

6. In water, crocodile easily. On land, the gorilla but not a 100 percent.

7. Shark, in open waters. Crocodile, in shallow waters.

8. Same deal.

9. Brown bear, everytime.

10. Same as 7.

11. Brown bear wins.

12. Caiman. Cheetah wont attempt it.

13. Shark wins in open water. Tiger, easily on land.

14. Same deal.

15. Brown bear, everytime.

16. Black bear should win.

17. Hippo, no contest.

18. Probably the crocodile.

19. Brown bear, easily.

20. Grizzly bear, everyday.

21. Alligator, in water. Wildebeest on land.

22. Caiman, everytime.

23. Pit bull, but it would have to be careful.

24. Frog, no doubt.

25. Bengal tiger, if it could ambush the cobra.

26. Depends on the sizes.  

Gian wrote at 2014-04-04 20:14:02
From Gian

Hippo vs Saltwater Croc:Hippo still wins.I dont mean to disagree with an expert but i still find it rare for a croc to kill an adult hippo.Unless were talkin about a rare 30 ft crocodile,the hippo would be to large and powerful for the croc to kill.  

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