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Interspecies Conflict/Saltwater Crocodile vs Grizzly Bear?


rick wrote at 2012-08-05 21:17:05
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Saltwater crocodile vs grizzly bear: Grizzly Bears diet mainly consists of fruits, berries, and nuts as saltwater crocodiles can kill large water buffalos in water. I would heavily favor the saltwater crocodile, especially a large healthy one.

true facts wrote at 2012-12-12 06:46:11
At their max, the largest saltwater crocodiles weigh as much as 3000 lbs. Male Grizzly bears in northern alaska may weigh 1700 lbs at peak. I would say the crocodile wins not just of size, but also because of massive bite force, powerful large sharp teeth, and extremely durability. Its thick armor could protect it from injuries. The claws and teeth of any predator cant rip through even the average 500 lb nile crocodile's armor. On land, this crocodile would probably win and especially in water.  

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