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Josh wrote at 2010-09-26 20:14:22
From Josh

Lion vs Wolverine:Victory for the Lion.A wolverine only weighs 50 to 70 lbs and are simply out matched against a lion especially a male lion which weighs 500 lbs on average.Even a lioness would be to much of an opponent.The Lion wins.

Black Rhino vs Water Buffalo:Victory for the Rhino. A Black Rhino is usually at least 300 or 400 pounds heavier and the buffalo doesn't the weaponry to injure a rhino at all because of its tough armor. The Rhino Wins.

Now about the raccoon answer a raccoon could easily defend its self against both of those predators mentioned. Raccoons could be very aggressive when defending them selves and an adult raccoon could easily maul,blind,or injure a canine such as a coyote.And a Bobcat would usually go after a much easier meal.  

Trish wrote at 2010-09-30 21:05:41
From Trish

Nile Crocodile vs American Bison:Daniel is correct

on the Crocodile wining in the water. In the water a Bison would have no ways of fighting as it wouldn't be mobile enough and it wouldn't be able to see the crocodile either. The crocodile would ambush the bison and drag straight under the water and drown it. On dry land the bison would win because it would be able see the crocodile and it would have the mobility that it wouldn't have in the water. Although this really wouldn't happen because even on land the bison wouldn't attack a crocodile unless it was necessary.Only if its young were in danger or if it was cornered would it ever attack a crocodilian species. So the crocodile is pretty much the winner here.  

Trish wrote at 2010-11-28 11:20:08
From Trish

Jaguar vs Cape Buffalo:Well a cape buffalo is a very dangerous oponint to even a single lion which are larger and more agressive than jaguars so the cape buffalo should have an advantage in a face to face match. Although north american jaguars have prayd on moose before this really wouldnt be that much of a factor as cape buffalo are larger and way stronger than moose.

Gorilla vs Zebra:Gorilla. intelegence would be on the gorillas side and itll be smart enough to get a good hold on the zebra and bite it to death. While the zebras kick is extremly deadly the gorilla is way to intelegint and has to many kapabilities to loose to a zebra. The Gorilla wins.

White Rhino vs Giraffe:Rhino. a kick from a giraffe may be able to take out a leopard or lion but a rhino is a great noch above as the white rhino is much heavier than a giraffe on average. The rhino would survive the giraffes kick and kill the giraffe. The Rhino wins.  

Muhamed wrote at 2013-03-05 18:54:08

A wild boar would destroy any kangaroo.Kangaroos are not suited to dealing with this type of oponent and one wouldnt stand a chance even if it got a good kick in.  

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