Interspecies Conflict/gorilla vs lion


architect wrote at 2011-04-16 02:47:57
i disagree with daniel completely. he mentions that a lion has the strength of 13 men. where did he get this information? there is no clear cut way to figure out how strong an animal is. furthermore, there are documented reports and videos of gorilla bending steel bars several inches thick with one arm. they have enough force to carry their massive, 500+ pound bodies up trees. while a lion is a natural killer, it lacks what makes the gorilla superior; hands. the gorilla is surprisingly agile for it's size. not only that, but the gorilla has a tremendous bite in it's own right. finally, daniel says that a leopard can kill a gorilla. there is absolutely no documented proof of a leopard ever killing a silverback. leopards prey on DEAD gorillas, which is much different then actually killing. again, daniel's information is wrong. if this fight ever happened, i see the lion pouncing on the gorilla, and the gorilla shrugging off the lion, grabbing him with his massive hands and arms, and either snapping it's neck or breaking it's back with a blow to the spine.  

Jaden wrote at 2012-04-26 18:50:19
Gorillas can get up to 700 ponds easy with the strenth it would beat a lion

Nelly wrote at 2013-04-09 17:47:28

Its actually you guys who lack logic no offence.A gorilla trying to use its hands against a lion is just as insane as a human trying to defeat a cougar that way.Lions were born to kill while gorillas were born to be peaceful herbivores.Also There has been cases of leopards killing gorillas,Ive studied primates much more than any other animal group so i know what im talkin about.Now could a gorilla survive a leopard attack?Yes but if it did it would just bearly,and it wouldnt walk away with out serious injuries.  

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