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Interspecies Conflict/prehistoric battles


onca wrote at 2014-01-19 06:50:22
It's possible the questioner misspelled "Hylonomus" for question #8.  If so, Hylonomus (a lizard-like creature 1 foot in length) would have been no match for the much larger Ambulocetus.

Interspecies Conflict

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I can answer a variety of questions on interspecies conflict including hypothetical questions. I can go into detail if necessary. I would also like to mention that I prefer questions on reptiles vs mammals or reptiles in general however my best topic is theropod dinosaurs. I have a good understanding of the physiology of most species but cannot answer questions on things such as bite force as statistics on these vary a lot.


I have studied animals both living and extinct since I was a child and was particularly fascinated by theropods and big cats. I am famous at college for knowing everything about various animals and how they behave.

I have an A* in biology (GCSE level)

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