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Interspecies Conflict/English Mastiff vs. Mountain lion


Mr cayo wrote at 2010-06-01 17:46:57
Dogs can be trained to hunt animals. but its to hard or risky for a dog to kill animals like Cougars  and other dangerous predators. hunter mostly use the dogs to scare the other animal and make it to show him self. and then they shoot it, its to risky for its owner to leet a dog fight a cougar even if it kills the cougar it can end with dealdy injurys, even though i have never seen any report of dogs kiling cougars in the wild. 1 v 1. but there are some videos where they have done cage fights. and have cuted of the cougars claws, to fight a dogo argentino and the dog won,but didint kill the cougar, but the cougar whas also stressed up with all the ppl screaming around and a dog biting it, you could clrealy see that the cougar whas just trying to avoid the dog and was trying to escape.

Marty Mex wrote at 2011-06-08 09:11:42
Just to clarify-several of our dogs have killed cougars that have come close to our house. Usually the cougars will run away from a dog of almost any size, but sometimes one gets too brave. Our St. Bernard/mastiff cross and our dogo argentino have both taken cougars. For a healthy, large dog, they are not a problem, believe me.  

JohnTVette wrote at 2012-12-08 18:37:55
Uh, no.....Do not "believe you".  to correct you, a healthy, large do is not a problem for a Mountain Lion.  The cat views your dog as prey, not an opponent.

Interspecies Conflict

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