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Sam wrote at 2011-01-10 01:19:13
From Sam

Lion vs Gorilla:Winner Lion-Agree.

American Alligator vs Bull Shark:Winner Alligator-Agree.

White Rhino vs Leopard:Winner Rhino-Agree.

Hippo vs Brown Bear:Winner Hippo-Agree.

Gorilla vs Cougar:Winner Gorilla-Disagree. A gorilla could win against a cougar but the more agile and better armed feline would win usually.

Brown Bear vs American Alligator:Winner bear-On land agree but in the water the gator would win.

Hippo vs Walrus:Winner Hippo-All depends. If its on land or in shallow waters agree but if the fight took place under the water were the hippo is pretty clumsy then the walrus would win.

Brown Bear vs Anaconda:Winner Bear-Agree usually.

Cougar vs Leopard:Winner Leopard-Again all depends and theres really to many factors to point out in a single message.

Lion vs Walrus:Winner Lion-Disagree. in the water it'll be a no contest while on land the walrus would be able to escape to the water because of its size and deep blubber.

Tigar vs Walrus:Winner Tigar:Again Disagree. Same reason as above.  

Trish wrote at 2011-05-10 22:22:43
From Trish

Gorilla vs Lion Winner Lion:Agree. Its no contest.

American Alligator vs Bull Shark Winner Alligator:Agree. At equal sizes or larger a crocodilian would prevail over any shark being better armored and being more conditioned to fight.

White Rhino vs Leopard Winner Rhino:Agree.Its a mismatch.Just like the expert said a leopard could do nothing to an adult rhino.

Hippo vs Brown Bear Winner Hippo:Agree.No bear would fair well against a full grown hippo being out weighed and not having the agility to make any accurate attack. Bears use their size and strength to fight which would be a serious mistake in this contest.

Gorilla vs Cougar Winner Gorilla:Disagree. Again animal face off is wrongly picking the poorly armed and slower ape over the much more faster and better armed feline.

Brown Bear vs American Alligator Winner Bear: Agree.Only in the water or by the waters edge would an alligator ever take a grizzly. On land the grizzly would easily over power the alligator and kill it either by fliping the reptile over and destroying its under belly or crushing the gators head with its powerful paws.

Hippo vs Walrus Winner Hippo:Agree. Only in deep waters would a walrus ever prevail.

Brown Bear vs Anaconda Winner Bear: Agree. Again only in deep waters would the animal ever have a chance of winning.On land or in shallow waters the bear would have to much size and strength for the anaconda to deal with.

Leopard vs Cougar Winner Leopard:This one is up in the air. It all depends on the species of leopard but my favorite on this one is the cougar.

Lion vs Walrus Winner Lion:Desiagree. I doubt a single Lion could get this done on land. And in the water the walrus wins easily.

Tigar vs Walrus Winner Tigar:Again Desiagree.But the Tigar with out a doubt would have more of a chance than a single lion considering the fact they've killed rhinos and elephants before.  

rick wrote at 2012-08-02 23:11:26
Lion vs Mountain Gorilla: A 500 lb or bigger mountain gorilla would be a formidable foe for the lion, and would defeat it in a forest environment where the lion cannot run much. Otherwise, a full grown male lion takes this.

American alligator vs bull shark: The american alligator's jaws is not as powerful and big as the crocodiles or caimans and may lose to an enraged bull shark even in shallow water. The teeth of the american alligator also is not as sharp as those of a crocodile or caiman. In deep water, the bull shark would be at a distinct advantage.

Hippo vs Brown Bear: No brown bears or polar bears or black bears can take on a full grown hippo. The hippo is going to be too massive, too mobile, and too aggressive. The sheer aggression and massive jaw of the hippo would probably scare off the brown bear before the brown bear approached.

Gorilla vs Cougar: The gorilla, of course. Cougars are not as aggressive, well armed, and strong hunters as leopards. They also do not encounter primates or apes. They have no chance against a full grown gorilla.

Brown Bear vs american alligator: A very large american alligator can probably do some damage to a brown bear in shallow water. On land, the brown bear would be too fast and too well armed for the alligator to land a bite. Alligators are also not as strong and big as crocodiles.

Hippo vs walrus: In deep water, the walrus can win as long as it can use its big tusks to pierce the hippo's skin several times. Otherwise, a hippo takes this. A bite of the hippo's jaw can cause tremendous damage to the walrus.

Brown Bear vs Anaconda: The brown bear wins of course, even in shallow water. A very large green anaconda would have some chances, but it would not be easy at all.

Lion/Tiger vs walrus: The walrus is going to be a winner, especially where there is water to retreat. The lion may come to claw and bite the walrus, but the walrus's 1/2 ft hide protects it from the lion's attacks. Once the lion or tiger is in water, the walrus would definitely win using its 4000 lb weight and tusks.

dores wrote at 2012-09-19 23:40:58
The above information needs improvement.

Lion vs Gorilla- The gorilla is more intelligent, has a stronger bite, and is more dexterous, but i dont think it would have good chances against a lion. A lion is better armed, born killer, and it is the strongest feline fighter.

American alligator vs bull shark- In shallow waters, the alligator has more advantages to win. It is much better armored, has more space to fight, more agile, and has a stronger bite force. In deep water, the bull shark has a much better chance to win as it is an open ocean animal.

Hippo vs Brown bear- The brown bear wont have any idea here. They arent frequent big prey hunters. The hippo would be too aggressive, too big, and it has a powerfully dangerous bite. A bite of its jaws can cause serious injuries on the brown bear.

Gorilla vs cougar- In an ambush, the cougar has better odds of winning as it is better armed and is a born killer. In a head on head fight, the gorilla would win due to being much bigger and having more strength.

Brown bear vs american alligator- A bear would struggle with a healthy crocodilian with a size advantage, unless the crocodilian tired out. Unlike felines, bears arent agile and would be easily caught and killed by the crocodile's jaws. In water, the brown bear would get drowned by the alligator.

Hippo vs walrus- The walrus would not be able to catch the hippo on land as hippos are mobile and also very aggressive. A bite of the hippo can cause serious damage to the walrus, and the walrus's thick blubber wont even protect it. In shallow water, the hippo should pretty much win due to being much bigger and better armed. Only in deep waters, a walrus would prevail.

Brown bear vs anaconda- In deep waters, a large enough anaconda would win by strangling onto the brown bear and drowning it. In shallow waters or on land, I think the brown bear has the size, strength, and weaponary to kill the snake.

Cougar vs leopard- I think the leopard would win based on aggression and better fighting skills.

Tiger/Lion vs walrus- On land, I dont think the tiger or the lion can penetrate through the walrus's thick blubber. In water, I back the walrus to win.

here to improve

opinion wrote at 2013-03-24 07:39:36
Short answers

1. Lion, everytime.

2. Alligator, in shallow water. Bullshark, in open waters.

3. Hippo, everytime. Bears are not big game predators.

4. Mountain lion, but only slightly.

5. Brown bear, only on land.

6. Hippo, on land. Walrus, in open waters.

7. Brown bear, everytime.

8. Both could win.

9. On land, stalemate. In open waters, walrus wins.

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