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chris wrote at 2012-06-20 21:09:08
A nile crocodile over 15 ft and 1000 lbs can kill three jaguars in water, especially if it is able to catch them while the jaguars swim in water. Large nile crocodiles are very strong swift predators in water, and one powerful bite can probably snap an adult jaguar in half.

chris wrote at 2012-06-20 21:14:58
5 wolves would not stand much of a chance against a fully grown crocodile in water. American crocodiles, especially ones in the orinoco river, have been known to prey on cougars and jaguars that wander near the river. Wolves are very weak swimmers compared to jaguars, and they lack a size and claws compared to jaguars. The american crocodile can easily drown the 5 wolves, and perhaps eat them. Yummy!

chris wrote at 2012-06-20 21:18:33
A 20 ft and 250 lb rock or reticulated python can kill an adult lion, just like it did to a tiger once. The python given this size could just bind the lion and sqeeze it to death, although the lion or any big cat or a bear or even a wolf can kill it with one bite to the head.

gary wrote at 2012-06-27 23:37:09
3 siberian tigers vs hippo?

An adult hippo is still too much for three siberian tigers to handle. Their thick hide, aggression, large size could protect them, and they have massive jaws with two canines about 2 ft long.

3 lions vs indian rhino?

Lions have no chance. It would take a pride of 15-20 adult lions to bring down a fully grown healthy adult indian rhino.

Komodo dragon vs Harpy eagle?

Harpy eagle, no contest. It is too fast and its large talons can cause a lot of injuries to the komodo dragon.

name wrote at 2013-01-19 07:38:36
1) Tigers should win, if they work together.

2) Rhino wins. The indian rhino has too much thick hide, strong built, and a deadly horn.

3) On land and possibly shallow water, the jaguars wins. In deep water, a large nile crocodile would kill them all.

4) Gaur wins. Too big and dangerous for three leopards.

5) Lion wins. Too agile for the python, and has the claws and teeth to tear the snake apart.

6) Cape buffalo wins. Too aggressive and dangerous for a pride of lions to kill.

7) Crocodile wins, especially a large one in water. The wolves dont have grappling advantages and wont do much to the crocodile.

8) Sloth bear wins. It is larger and its claws are far more dangerous and has fought off bengal tigers.

9) Eagle, if it could ambush.

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