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josh wrote at 2010-09-25 22:08:18
From Josh

No offense but i think this kid just loves making mismatches.

For one thing Dilophosaurus was just a scavenger and was really built to hunt not to fight. The Dilophosaurus would be mauled to death against a gorilla of equal sizes.

As for the second question it would be actually impossible for either of them to win in that scenario.

And any wolf vs Tigar match is a mismatch.

Not to sound mean but these don't seem like very serious questions just jokes.  

Trish wrote at 2010-10-14 23:37:06
From Trish

I agree with josh because i read this kids past questions and you wouldnt believe how redicules some of them are.Here are some of his past questions and you be the judge of them.Here goes

Hippo vs Yak

Cape Buffalo vs Kangaroo

Gorilla vs Bobcat

Cougar vs Raccoon

Tigar vs Wolf

Could a wildebeest defeat a gray wolf

Wolverine vs Monitar Lizard

Gorilla vs Lynx

I mean really its either the kid asks a second grade question or he asks a question thats the same as the last one.  

Sam wrote at 2010-10-15 15:42:11
From Sam

Trish and Josh are not joking about this kids questions. I read some of this kids past questions aswell and not only are they the sam and second grade questions but some of them also dont make sence. here are some of them.

The redicules questions

Could a Nile or Saltwater crocodile take a yak or a gaur

Could an american alligator take an american bison or yak  

the same questions

American Bison vs yak

American Bison vs Water Buffalo

Yak vs Water Buffalo

Muskox vs Water Buffalo

The questions that dont even make sence

American Bison vs Forest Buffalo

Muskox vs water buffalo

Ok how do you pit the smallest species of buffalo against the largest species of bison?

How do you  pit a muskox against the largest species of buffalo?

Muskox,Water Buffalo,and yaks are all built the sam and would have the sam fighting abilitys.

And every body knows there is not a single animal an alligator or crocodile cant take in the water.

Seriously i could only imagin how fustrated the experts get with these questions.  

Morissa wrote at 2011-01-06 19:42:13
From Morissa

I to see a problem with this kids questions and the worst out of all of them were on this page. Lets review

Bengal Tigar vs Dire Wolf? Tigar off corse. Has every advantage over a lone wolf.

Megaladon vs T-Rex in 18 feet of water? This is one screwed up scenario. The megaladon would be totally beached and the t-rex would drone. LOL

And Gorilla vs Dilophasaurus of equal sizes? Kid you are way to funny. Dilophasaurus was a scavenger.  

Trish wrote at 2015-03-19 10:34:36

Hope you guys know Im not really going along with you.People could ask what they want to ask on here.Some times I accidently name mismatches on here my self,were on this site to learn.Wow!some really mean people on here.  

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