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Gian wrote at 2010-09-08 13:27:27
From Gian

I gotta say this expert Jim really great with his answers.

Cape Buffalo vs Leopard:Cape Buffalo. This exotically  because of the buffalo's size and strength and also because even a couple of lioness would have trouble bringing down a cape buffalo.The Buffalo has this one.

Black Rhino vs Saltwater Crocodile: The Black Rhino would have the edge on most occasions do to its size and tough skin.Although the crocodile could prevail if its in open waters and it attacked the rhinos soft under sides. Doing this it could very well kill the rhino.

Black Rhino vs Polar Bear:The Rhino with out a doubt. These rhino matches do interest me because the rhino is one of my favorite animals.Its not like im being favorable but its very likely the rhino would win because of its size advantage how ever i do believe a large polar bear could have a good chance of winning if it gave a good enough blow to the rhinos head. But i pick the rhino on most occasions.

Jaguar vs cougar/Leopard:Jaguar no contest.There's no way that a cougar or leopard could ever compete with a jaguar who probably in the same league as lions do to its strength. Plus some jaguars have been known to reach the same size as lioness. (350lbs)

Grizzly Bear vs Lion: Grizzly Bear. A lion even a male African Lion wouldn't do good at all against an adult grizzly. The Lion would have a hard time getting through the grizzly's fur and in return the grizzly could very easily kill the Lion with a blow to the head. And what makes this situation even worse is that the Lioness do all the hunting in the pride.

Black bear vs Lion:This one is hard but my money is on the lion. This time there isn't such a great size advantage and black bears are really not that aggressive compared to lions. But even a black bear would stand a good chance against a lion.

Polar Bear vs Walrus:There was footage 4 years ago of a Polar bear killing a 3000 lbs Walrus although predation among walrus are unusual.

Grizzly bear vs Elephant seal:This could be a draw but a grizzly would have a very tough time killing an elephant seal even on land. Elephant seals could way up to 6000 lbs.

Leopard seal vs Black Bear i agree with Jims answer.  

Polar bear vs saltwater Crocodile: In Open waters Crocodile. On land Polar bear or even in shallow waters.

Gorilla vs Cheetah:Gorilla. A Cheetah would never have a chance against an adult gorilla. But a smaller ape would be a different story.

German Shepard vs Wolf? The Much more wild and aggressive Wolf Off coarse. German Shepard's may be big dogs but how ever there pretty peace full unless trained to be aggressive and just last year i worked at a dog shelter and the lady had a German Shepard in the shelter and even though it was a big German Shepard she was quit shy. Any way even the most vicious and trained German Shepard's wouldn't have much of a chance against a Gray Wolf. The Wolf has this one.

Cougar vs Hyena:Cougar. one on one a hyena wouldn't have a big chance.But a clan of them would be a way different story.

Lion Pride vs Elephant:Bad day for the lions a large enough lion pride could succeed against an elephant but would only happen rarely.  

Hippo vs Black Rhino/White Rhino:In open waters the hippo would really have no trouble winning.But on land i Give the white rhino the victory but against the black rhino i would say hippo. So in conclusion against the white rhino in my opinion it depends were it is but against the black rhino the hippo should win because of its size advantage and equal aggression.  

Trish wrote at 2010-10-20 11:03:22
From Trish

Saltwater Crocodile vs Black Rhino:In the water a Rhino would loose against any crocodilian but on land a rhino would kill a crocodilian.

Gorilla vs Cheetah:Gorilla.A cheetah could never compete with any thing larger and more forminable than lets say a dog.  

justin wrote at 2012-06-25 21:31:22
Saltwater crocodile vs black rhino?

No saltwater crocodile would defeat a black rhino. Black rhinos are too aggressive, are much heavier, and have very sharp horns.

Cougar vs hyena?

A 70 kg Hyena would overwhelm the 70 kg cougar. Cougars are not big and strong like other big wild cats. A hyena's bite is extremely powerful, and would be too strong for a cougar to bare with.

justin wrote at 2012-06-26 18:50:35
Saltwater crocodile vs 2 black bears?

It would be too hard for the two black bears to kill the saltwater crocodile. Saltwater crocodiles are too aggressive, and too heavy for the black bears to flip over its jaw. A few bites of a saltwater crocodile would be fatal to the black bears.  

gary wrote at 2012-07-12 13:17:26
Lion vs Black Bear: It varies on the size of the black bear and the lion. If the weight advantage is 45 kg or more, the lion has a very good chance. It is faster and has longer canines than the black bear. At weights of 450 or more, a full grown black bear can dominate fairly well over the lion..  

drake wrote at 2012-07-22 22:15:16
Elephant seal vs grizzly bear: The elephant seal is much more mobile on land than walruses, and its 4 ton weight/elephant size would be able to crush the grizzly bear once it sat on it. The very thick blubber of the elephant seal protects it from polar bears and other sea predators.

drake wrote at 2012-07-31 20:41:11
Pack of wolves vs saltwater crocodile in shallow water: There is no way how a pack of wolves would win a saltwater crocodile in shallow water. Crocodiles are adapted to shallow water and sometimes in deep waters, and wolves cannot do much as they also lack big size and forelimbs. The saltwater crocodile would probably drown and eat them.

rick shang wrote at 2012-08-05 22:48:52
Hi there, a lot of amazing questions

Polar bear vs saltwater crocodile: A large saltwater crocodile can easily win, especially if the polar bear was caught in an ambush or swimming in water. The saltwater crocodile would be much stronger and much more aggressive.

Siberian tiger vs asiatic lion: The siberian tiger, of course. Asiatic lions are quite smaller than african lions and stand no chance with a much bigger and much powerful siberian tiger.

Great white shark vs american alligator: Only on land or in very shallow waters, a large american alligator can cripple the great white shark.

Swordfish vs Nile crocodile: The nile crocodile in shallow waters and especially on land, where the swordfish would fall prey. Crocodiles are better armed than big predatory fish as well as larger bite forces.

Grizzly Bear vs Lion: Grizzly bear for sure. It weighs at least 300 pounds more than a large african lion, and lions are not as good hunters and ambushers as tigers are.

Saltwater crocodile vs black rhino: Probably the black rhino. Its weight and big thick skin allows it to protect itself from the saltwater crocodile's bites and eventually trample it on land. In deep water, the saltwater crocodile can drown it by grabbing the hind legs.

Hippo vs white rhino: The white rhino wins over a bull hippo, even at same sizes. Better armed and faster.

Hippo vs black rhino: Both can win this. The black rhino is going to be aggressive, fast, and is armed with a really sharp horn. But the hippo weighs more on average and has a massive jaw armed with two big tusks.

African elephant vs two rhinos: The rhinos have a chance here, but an enraged rutted african elephant i mean is no joke. The elephant would trample one rhino to death and then chase off the other.

Pride of lions vs african elephant: It could depend on how many lions there are, but the average pride of lions would not work so well. An african elephant would trample them all before the lion pride could do any damage.

Two polar bears vs great white shark: In shallow water, the polar bears have a huge chance. They are the most carnivorous plus biggest, strongest bears that have been known to kill belugas and walruses. The great white would not be so powerful in shallow water than deep water, meaning the two polar bears can claw it to death.

Allosaurus vs white rhino: The allosaurus would win as being much better armed, much bigger, and having an immensely huge jaw allows it to crush the rhino.

Allosaurus vs elephant: If a large african elephant rammed into the allosaurus's chest or stomach, it could well injure the allosaurus. But allosaurus's bigger size and powerful strong jaw can crush the elephant as well. So I call this a 50/50.

T-rex vs two elephants: Two elephants may be able to injure t-rex if they both charged at same time and rammed into it, but they would struggle when t-rex manages to bite them. T-rex's bite was so strong and powerful that it would of torn the elephants apart.

Leopard vs jaguar: I'd say leopard at equal weights. Jaguars are particularly unaggressive compared to leopards, and leopards are known to kill prey much bigger than jaguars do.

Jaguar vs cougar: The cougar can win with a weight advantage as cougars have been known to kill adult moose by themselves. But on most occasion, the more powerful built of the jaguar along with bigger canines/bigger bite allows it to win.

Bengal tiger vs 2 cougars: The bengal tiger, most probably. It would kill one cougar with ease due to bigger size and vast strength, as the other one may be in trouble.

There is no way a pack of wolves would kill a saltwater crocodile in shallow water or even on land. Wolves lack claws and big forelimbs and big size, allowing the saltwater crocodile to kill them one by one. Wolves are also not frequent swimmers, giving the saltwater crocodile even more of a chance.

Black Bear vs Lion: At equal weights, the black bear would be pound for pound stronger than the lion or tiger. The aggression and carnivorousness of the black bear also gives it an advantage to win.

Cape buffalo vs leopard: The cape buffalo, unless it was really injured or weakened. This buffalo gives lion prides a lot of trouble.

Cape buffalo vs gaur: The gaur's size would be a problem, but it would not be as aggressive and well armed as the cape buffalo. I'd say it is a close match, but both can win a fight.

Black rhino vs polar bear: Polar bears do not matchup with hippos or rhinos. They are too mobile, too aggressive, too well protected, and too large. Both have tough tools as well.

Walrus vs polar bear: A polar bear would win if the walrus is far away from water and is alone. Walruses are not really mobile and aggressive on land, so the polar bear has a definite chance.

Grizzly Bear vs elephant seal: Tough matchup. Grizzly bears are far less carnivorous than black bears, and they would have trouble in killing big aggressive prey. They often have troubles with moose and bison. The elephant seal would not be so mobile, but in water, a strong head-butt or bite of it can cause the grizzly bear to have injuries.

Leopard seal vs black bear: On land, the black bear has a good chance. Being aggressive, partially carnivorous, and better armed, it can definitely kill it.

Bull shark vs american alligator: The american alligator would be on average larger, and can win. It is better armed, has a wide jaw, and can drown the bull shark in shallow water by grabbing onto its head. In deep water, the bull shark has a way better advantage.

Spotted hyena vs cougar: Lone spotted hyenas can fall prey to leopards, and the slightly bigger cougar has the upper advantage to kill it.

Saltwater crocodile vs 2 asian black bears: In water, the saltwater crocodile has a high advantage to win. Asian Black bears and american black bears are not frequent swimmers as brown bears or polar bears, and they are a lot smaller. Also a single polar bear would have trouble with a full grown saltwater crocodile on land as well.

Leopard vs 3 baboons: The leopard wins this. It can probably drive a group of baboons away from its territory.  

spokes wrote at 2012-09-27 05:07:14
I disagree.

Polar bear vs saltwater crocodile- A large saltwater crocodile would win on most occasions. The polar bear isnt really agile, and if the crocodile caught it, the bear would be torn apart. However, the polar bear is strong enough to wrestle the crocodile and kill it.

Siberian tiger vs asiatic lion- Asiatic lions on average weigh 350 lbs, as siberian tigers weigh 550 lbs on average. The tiger is likely too big and strong for a single asiatic lion.

Great white shark vs american alligator- In shallow water, the alligator would have the advantages. The shark wont have space to fight and would be easily killed. In deep water, the shark is much more agile and it could reach for the alligator's belly.

Tigershark vs blue marlin- I think the blue marlin would win this round. It has a long sharp horn that can prevent the tigershark's mouth from biting it, and a stab of it could be fatal.

Swordfish vs nile crocodile- The nile crocodile would easily win in shallow waters. In deep water, the scenario is reversed as the swordfish would be more agile and can use its long sharp nose to stab the crocodile.

Grizzly bear vs lion- A single lion wont do well with a grizzly bear. The grizzly bear is twice the size of a male lion, and also is much stronger. I think grizzly bears are too large for any big cats to take on.

Narwhal vs black marlin- The narwhal would win as it has a longer horn.

Beluga whale vs blue shark- The shark wont be big enough to kill the beluga whale. The beluga whale wont have troubles finishing the shark off if it wanted to.

Saltwater crocodile vs Black rhino- Only in deep waters, the crocodile would win by grabbing the black rhino's hind legs and drowning it. On land, the black rhino would easily destroy the crocodile. In shallow waters, I say it is a stalemate as the crocodile is too small to do serious damage and the rhino isnt a good swimmer.

Hippo vs White rhino/black rhino- The hippo can kill the black rhino due to being much bigger, but it could be injured. A white rhino would beat a hippo due to being much bigger, having thicker skin, and also better armed.

African elephant vs 2 rhinos- Two white rhinos could win a fight with a single elephant, but they would be mauled on the process.

A pride of lion vs elephant on rampage- The elephant would win easily. It wont have troubles crushing the lions to death.

Two polar bears vs great white sharks in deep water- If the polar bears are attacking on the back of the shark, they could well kill it.

Allosaurus vs white rhino- The allosaurus could tear apart the white rhino with its formidable massive jaws armed with sharp big teeth.

Allosaurus vs african/asiatic elephant- Both elephants can win if they could make a direct charge at it, but allosaurus would have good chances to destroy them by using its jaws.

T-rex vs 2 elephants- I think the elephants have good chances to win if they could charge at it. But t-rex would still rip them apart before the elephants could do serious damage.

Giganotosaurus vs african elephant- Giganotosaurus, no doubt.

Ankylosaurus vs 3 prehistoric polar bears- The prehistoric polar bears could bring it down, but they would need to becareful.

Megalosaurus vs 2 male lions- Megalosaurus, no doubt.

Leopard vs jaguar- The jaguar is much stronger, more robust, and also is on average larger. It would easily win, despite being less agile and aggressive than the leopard.

Jaguar vs cougar- Same scenario as jaguar, except that cougars are not as aggressive as leopards.

Bengal tiger vs 2 cougars- The bengal tiger would have no problems taking on the 2 cougars.

A pack of wolves vs saltwater crocodile in shallow water- The crocodile wins easily.

Black bear vs lion- This depends on the size. At same sizes, the black bear would still be stronger though.

Cape buffalo vs leopard- The cape buffalo would have no problem trampling the leopard.

Cape buffalo vs gaur- The gaur is much larger and more muscular in built, and hence it would win.

Black rhino vs polar bear- The black rhino, without a doubt. It is too large and too aggressive and too fast for the polar bear to handle.

Walrus vs Polar bear- The polar bear would win on land as long as the walrus is not near water. In deep water, I back a walrus all the way.

Grizzly bear vs elephant seal- The grizzly bear can probably take down the elephant seal.

Leopard seal vs black bear-  On land, the black bear wins. In water, the leopard seal.

Gorilla vs cheetah- The gorilla is much bigger and much more dexterous, and hence it would win.

German shepherd vs wolf- The wolf wins easily. It is lb for lb the best canine fighter, and has predatory instincts. The wolfs bite is much more powerful and stronger than the gsd.

Dingo vs bullmastiff- The bullmastiff is larger and much more powerful, and hence it would win.

Tigershark vs 2 hammerheads- I think this is close to a 50/50. The tigershark has a more dangerous bite and is larger, but the hammerheads are more aggressive.

Bull shark vs american alligator- In deep waters, an american alligator can win a bull shark due to bigger size and also better armored. The bite of the alligator is more than the bull sharks.

Spotted hyena vs cougar- At same sizes, canids struggle with cats. The cougar here is better armed, more agile, and also has forelimbs advantage.

Saltwater crocodile vs 2 black bears- The black bears could win this. The crocodile wont have much chances to catch the black bears on land, and black bears are said to be more carnivorous than brown bears. In deep water, the black bears are unable to defend themselves from a hungry saltwater crocodile.

Leopard vs 3 baboons- The baboons would have no chances. They would be scared off easily.

Mako shark vs swordfish- Mako sharks often prey on swordfishes, and they would have no problems killing one.  

Gilbert wrote at 2013-03-25 06:17:57

Cougar vs spotted hyena

The cougar would win over the hyena than vice versa. The hyena has a small chance due to its deadly bone-crushing bite and durability, but it would be easily detered by the cougar's big paws and forelimbs. The cougar's claws can rip through the hyena's thick skin very quickly.

Black rhino vs polar bear

Rhino, everyday. Polar Bear has 0 chance. Bears are not suitable to tackling big mobile prey, and polar bears never meet any species like these.

Jaguar vs cougar

Cougar given at some circumstance, due to ferocity and viciousness.  

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