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Raj wrote at 2011-03-19 10:16:13
I will say the siberian tiger will win 6 out of 10 times against the grizzly bear. In Russia they coexist, and reports of tiger-bear clash have been reported from Russia.

kevin wrote at 2012-02-22 18:15:50
Male black bears actually dominate over tigers than tigers dominating over black bears. Black bears are highly territorial and they can be far more aggressive than a brown bear.

kevin wrote at 2012-06-14 00:22:15
Siberian tigers kill amur brown bears only when it is a female bear or a hibernating male. Male siberian tigers kill adult male brown bears only by an ambush. In a face to face, an enraged amur brown bear would knock the siberian tiger out. Bears are heavily built, and have larger denser bones than any wild cats.

drake wrote at 2012-07-27 04:23:53
American Black Bear vs Siberian Tiger: At equal weights of 550 lbs, the black bear would be pound for pound stronger since it has more strength and is far more durable. If it was a 100 lb weight advantage for the black bear, it would be a 50/50 as siberian tigers sometimes prey on equal sized brown bears.

Siberian Brown bear vs siberian tiger: Siberian brown bears are the most carnivorous brown bears, and would win nearly all the time face to face. They can weigh up to 1300 lbs, and would be far too big and powerful for any big cat.

Asian Black Bear vs bengal tiger: The bengal tiger can fairly win in an ambush using its hunting skills, and weighs slightly more on average. But it would be a changed scenario if it fought head on head. The asian black bear has long forelimbs along with a predatory instinct, making it quite dangerous for the tiger.  

simon wrote at 2012-08-07 20:03:20
American black bear vs siberian tiger- The siberian tiger would win at average sizes. American black bears weigh 450 lbs on average, as siberian tigers average 550 lbs.

Siberian brown bear vs siberian tiger- The siberian brown bear would probably win as it would be much larger, stronger, and quite carnivorous. Siberian brown bears average 800-900 lbs, in which would be too big and too dangerous.

Asiatic Black bear vs bengal tiger- The asiatic black bear needs a bigger weight advantage or equal weight advantage to win, otherwise the bengal tiger takes this.  

endless sky wrote at 2012-09-08 05:38:53
Bengal tigers do coexist with the asiatic black bear, and the tiger gets chased away on occasion. Asiatic black bears are quite powerful, but on the other hand they are simply not big enough to kill the bigger bengal tiger. Cubs are much more in risked of being killed and eaten. Bengal tigers prey on asiatic black bears, but preference is usually very rare.

Large siberian brown bears can become prey to siberian tigers, but such a case is very hard to determine. If forced to fight, the siberian brown bear would prevail due to being too big, too powerful, and well armed. However, in an ambush, the siberian tiger would win if it was careful and steady.

Siberian brown bears can weigh as much as 1200 lbs, but average 800 lbs. They are pretty much similar in size to grizzly bears. Asiatic black bears in south siberia/northeast china can reach sizes of 500 lbs, and there has been a report of 600 lb captured. The ones in india and other habitats may weigh at most 440 lbs, although common adults weigh 330 lbs.

corrector wrote at 2013-01-03 06:43:25
Interactions between tigers and bears in the wild.

Large asiatic black bears have dominated over female bengal tigers, and this happens when the bear enters the tiger's territory. Asiatic black bears can be very aggressive and dangerous, although they are usually herbivorous. Males are about the same size of bengal tigresses, both weighing 300 lbs on average. The sloth bear (up to 330 lbs) was preyed on by tigers on occasion. Sloth bears also are very aggressive bears and have dangerous long claws that can cause vicious wounds. The bengal tiger (up to 620 lbs) would usually end the hunt if the sloth bear becomes too aware of it.

Interactions between southchina tigers and asiatic black bears is not very common. There was a situation where a female asiatic black bear intruded into a male southchina tiger's territory. The southchina tiger (up to 390 lbs) was bigger than the bear, and had the opportunity to chase away the bear.

In Siberia, the siberian tiger (up to 660 lbs) hunts hibernating Ussuri Brown bears and occasionally females or smaller males. Brown bears as large as 1200 lbs have been found dead next to siberian tigers. However, Asiatic black bears are more prefered by siberian tigers than brown bears.  

Improver wrote at 2013-01-03 06:49:39
I respect everyones opinion, but I want to point out something.

American Black bear vs Siberian tiger

Siberian tigers have hunted 600 lb ussuri brown bears in an actual situation. And brown bears are much more formidable and powerful than black bears. A siberian tiger should be able to defeat a black bear with a 100 lb advantage on average.

Asiatic Black bear vs Bengal tiger

At parity, the tiger would win. Quicker, more agile, more ahtletic, stronger and more deadly bite, and better killing instincts than the bear. With a 100 lb advantage to the black bear, the tiger would still have no trouble. The black bear wont look much bigger than the tiger, and the stream-line tiger can get a good hold of it. Tigers are evolved to deal with much larger and more dangerous prey.  

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