Interspecies Conflict/AT ALL?


Abhishek Sharma wrote at 2010-09-13 05:08:24
In one of your previous replies (very recent), you have said that it is extremely rare for a tiger to kill a 2 ton Gaur. However, I'd say that though it is not a normal thing, tigers have been known to kill Gaurs when they are in desperate need.

I've been to some of the well known Wildlife Sanctuaries and National parks in India. Forest Officers tell me that when the tiger wants to kill a solo Gaur and it is very difficult to do that (may be because of its size or it is in relatively safer position, like near trees), they sometimes wait for even a few days and then make the kill. Cats may not be having a lot of stamina, but hey gain their composure very quickly. Tigers are athletic, can leap 5-10 m, move back and forth, encircle the large animal and jump on its back. They have a lot of power in their jaws.

This is what they do while hunting a large animal. There have been close to a dozen reports of tigers killing/seriously injuring elephants in India. However, this is not a normal thing and many-a-times, tigers get killed by gaurs/elephants.

Also I believe that a 2000 Kg gaur may be very difficult to see in the wild. Please reply!

michael wrote at 2015-05-28 22:33:31
Michael Hart

If you wanna know who this rude reader was,it was me. Now the only reason why I was rude is because I was right. I mean for example on one of this guys answers he said that a tiger cant beat 10 spotted hyenas. News flash lions fend off and kill spotted hyena clans all the time. And its not only this guy,i've read the answers from some of the other idiots on here. Again for example one of them said that a Bengal tiger cant kill a black rhino, again news flash Bengal tigers have killed Indian rhinos before on rare circumstances.I could back up what I say because I've worked at wildlife sanctuary's and I know what im talking about.I don't know about any body else but I know im right when I say that this website is retarded.  

Interspecies Conflict

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