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Justin wrote at 2012-06-22 22:07:20
Sloth Bear vs Male Lion?

A lioness would lose heavy time since lionesses are not really good at defending, but a male lion stands a bit of a chance. Sloth bears are extremely aggressive when defending territories or themselves or youngs. Since lions are not as solitary hunters or ambushers as tigers, an aggressive sloth bear can certainly kill a male lion in a face to face.

Gary wrote at 2012-06-22 22:11:40
It could be a total loss for a sun bear since adult green anacondas can grow very thick, very heavy, and very long. The anaconda also has thick skin to protect itself from predators, such as the jaguar and piranhas. An adult sloth bear has a much better chance against a green anaconda, as sloth bears weigh 2-4.5 times a sun bear weighs.

Justin wrote at 2012-06-25 18:59:41
3 jaguars vs indian rhino?

Jaguars have no chance. The Indian rhino is too large, too thick, and too heavy for them to work together. Jaguars and tigers are also not social wild cats, unlike lions are.

Sun bear vs komodo dragon?

It is a 50/50. A large komodo dragon can kill a sun bear with a bite, inject venom into the bear. But the sun bear's powerful big claws and strong bite can certainly injure the komodo dragon.

justin wrote at 2012-06-25 19:04:06
Baboon vs Harpy eagle?

Eagles do not fight on the ground. In flight, a harpy eagle is easily able to powerfuly strike its talons at the baboon's head. Baboons are not as heavy and well armed as apes, and harpy eagles can certainly kill one.

Hippo vs Saltwater crocodile?

Saltwater crocodiles never encounter hippos, but its larger size and aggression compared with a nile crocodile gives an advantage. On an ambush, it would take a very very large saltwater crocodile to maul the hippo. On land, a hippo's size, weight, and better mobility makes it able to crush the saltwater crocodile.

katherine wrote at 2012-07-02 18:52:52
I do not think a lion or tiger would do anything to a full grown sloth bear in face to face. The bear can reach their size and is just too aggressive and has very sharp claws.

drake wrote at 2012-07-12 04:05:46
I am pretty sure that the sloth bear is pretty aggressive enough to defeat a male lion at same weight. Its sharp deadly claws would also help.

gary wrote at 2012-07-12 13:20:11
Sloth Bear vs Lion: The sloth bear's aggression would make it worse for the lion to overcome in a battle, but eventually the lion may win with serious injuries from the sloth bear's deadly sharp claws.

simon wrote at 2012-08-03 21:25:23
Sun Bear vs green anaconda: Large reticulated pythons have been known to kill and prey on sun bears, but only in ambush. The much heavier and thicker green anaconda should be able to win, but it needs to be quick.

Lion vs sloth bear: An aggressive large sloth bear would probably scare off the lion as lions never encounter with bears, and do not know how they fight. Even if the lion fought, a large sloth bear would give it brutal wounds with its claws. Sloth bears also are around the size of lions.

Sun Bear vs Komodo dragon: I call this an even match. The komodo dragon would land its bite to the sun bear, but the sun bear's claws and big bite would also be able to inflict injuries.

Hippo vs saltwater crocodile: The average saltwater crocodile at 16 ft and 1200 lbs would not fare well with a 3 ton enraged hippo. The hippo can slice the saltwater crocodile in two if it wanted to.

dores wrote at 2012-08-18 00:31:49
Sun bear vs Green anaconda- Anacondas are relatively slow on land, and the sun bear can tear it apart with its big claws and large bite. In water where the sun bear cannot swim well, the green anaconda is at distinct advantage.

Giant octopus vs nile crocodile- Giant octopuses are nearly 1/4 the weight of the nile crocodile, and the nile crocodile can easily tear it apart with its strong big jaw armed with big teeth.

Baboon vs Harpy eagle- The harpy eagle would win. A direct hit from a harpy eagle's talons can cause serious injuries on the baboon. The harpy eagle would also be too fast for the baboon to catch it.

Lion vs sloth bear- The sheer aggression, strength, and dangerous claws of the sloth bear would be too much for a lion. Lions are not experienced in fighting bears unlike tigers.

Indian rhino vs 3 jaguars- A bite of the jaguar can break the indian rhino's bones as jaguars have the strongest bite force of all big cats. The jaguars can win this, but it would not be so easy.

Sun bear vs komodo dragon- Komodo dragons are unagile, very sluggish, and very poor fighters. They would not be able to catch the much faster and aggressive sun bear. The 100 lb sun bear has the big claws and big bite to take out the 250 lb lizard.

The polar bear and the sloth bear has the largest claws, reaching as long as 6 inches.

Hippo vs Saltwater crocodile- The hippo should win all the time. It would be far more mobile, better armed, much larger, much more aggressive, and can position itself better.

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tiger wrote at 2013-01-01 18:24:36
lion will kill any sloth bear easily lions are larger,stronger,more agile with better weaponary

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