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Interspecies Conflict/Various Unique Battles


dores wrote at 2012-08-17 18:27:27
2 jaguars vs bull- It would be more likely the jaguars are winning. They are very strong big cats due to their skull crushing bites and extreme muscular built. I conclude one jaguar can leap on the bull's back and deliever a powerful bite on the bull's skull.

3 wolverines vs bull- The three wolverines are pretty aggressive and very tough enough to cause serious injuries on the bull. I also heard that lone wolverines are known to prey on adult moose and elks.

5 cats vs wolverine- Unless the cats came to attack together, they are risked. The wolverine's aggression, big claws, teeth, and foul smell would scare off the cats.

5 jaguars vs kodiak bear- Kodiak bears are large strong bears, but their diets consists of fish and vegetation, and rarely hunt moose and elk. It would lack predatory nature to deal with five jaguars. Also, the jaguars would attack one by one and eventually the kodiak bear gets slaughtered by their devastating bites.

bobcat vs wolf- The wolf would win. The bobcat would be too small to do much damage to the wolf with its claws. But a large lynx can win though.

bobcat vs horse- The bobcat has the weaponary to kill the horse, but it lacks big size to deal with it. The horse's mobility and powerful hoofs are too much.

Male lion vs gorilla- The mountain gorilla's bigger size, immense strength, and dexterity would be a bit too much for a male lion. The male lion is a powerful fighter, but unlike tigers, it would lack powerful hunting skills and strength to deal with this massive ape.

20 wolverines vs t-rex- The t-rex would crush them underfoot.

3 sabertooth tigers vs t-rex- Smilodons have powerful sabers for killing prey much bigger than them, but something as powerful as t-rex is too much. T-rex would be too tall for them to leap on, as smilodons were not very agile due to their heavy builts. Also, t-rex can use its tremendous jaws armed with big sharp teeth to pick them up.

2 heavy weight martial artists vs wolf- The wolf's dexterity, predatory instinct, strong bite, and strength allows it to win most of the time. The martial artists may be very skilled and strong, but they would lack agility due to their heavy weight. They would also tire out easily.

3 wolverines vs siberian tiger- Three wolverines would be enough. They would be aggressive, strong, and well armed enough to cripple the siberian tiger. Siberian tigers are not aggressive compared to other tiger species.

3 cougars vs male lion- Three large cougars can win if they all work together and constantly attack the male lion, but it would be difficult with ambushing.

bull vs siberian tiger- Siberian tigers are not good in dealing with bovids since they never encounter them, and the much larger and far more aggressive bull has the advantage over it. The bull would crazily charge at it and gore it several times with its horns.

bull vs grizzly bear- The grizzly bear's superior strength, durability, compact robust built, aggression, and large size would bring down the bull. They also are well good at dealing and hunting large hoofed prey.

bobcat vs wolverine- The wolverine would win over a bobcat due to its strength, aggression, and bigger claws. But against a lynx, it would usually lose.

black rhino vs grizzly bear- Both have fair chances of winning. Several strong paw swipes of the grizzly bear can tear through the black rhino's thick skin. But the aggressive, much larger, and fast rhino's charge would definitely knock the grizzly bear out.

Black rhino vs Kodiak bear- Kodiak bears are around the size of grizzly bears, but they are far less carnivorous and are not suitable to tackle large prey. The black rhino has this one.

Sabertooth vs white rhino- Both have good chances. The smilodon has a very good chance in an ambush as it can do repeated stabs with its big sabers. Its big sabers were built for killing prey much much bigger. It would not survive a charge from a 4 ton rhino though.

Grizzly Bear vs Sabertooth- Both can win. The durability, superior strength, aggression, bigger size, and compact muscular built of the grizzly bear allows it to win. The smilodon can win in an ambush as a stab of its sabers would be fatal to the grizzly bear.

2 jaguars vs siberian tiger- The jaguars can win if they attacked together, as their powerful bites can crush the siberian tiger's bones. Siberian tigers are relatively unaggressive, slower, and less agile than other tiger species.

male bengal tiger vs female siberian tiger- The male bengal tiger should win. It would be around the size of the female siberian tiger, and bengal tigers are much more aggressive and faster.

male lion vs female siberian tiger- The much faster and more agile male lion has good chance. Siberian tigers are not good fighters compared to other tigers.

3 strong humans vs gorilla- The three strong humans have a chance, but I back a mountain gorilla. It would be dexterous enough to avoid the humans. Mountain gorillas also have very strong bite forces and much stronger limbs than humans.

8 strong humans vs male lion- The humans can win, but a few of their members would be seriously injured.

Buffalo vs 5 wolverines- I back the buffalo, but the wolverines have good chances. They would work together to shatter the buffalo with their big claws, aggression, predatory instinct, and amazing strengths. The wolverines would not survive with a bison charge.

3 wolves vs bull- Three wolves are strong enough to bring down a full grown moose, which are larger and better armed than bulls. The wolves should win this if they are use their normal hunting methods.

4 wolves vs siberian tiger- The wolves can win if they attack from the sides and deliever bites to the siberian tiger.

6 wolves vs sabertooth- The heavy built and big sabers of the smilodon would be too much for 6 wolves. The wolves would need to tire out sabertooth before they can go in for the kill, but it would be quite hard.

3 lions vs polar bear- Three lions have low chances against a polar bear. Most lions are female lions, and they are not strong nor as powerful as tigers. The much larger polar bear would be able to defend itself, lash out its massive paws and teeth at the lions, and drive them off.

Grizzly Bear vs lion and wolverine- Unlikely to happen, but the grizzly bear still has a high chance to win. The wolverine would be easily killed, and the lion would run off or otherwise get savaged.

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spokes wrote at 2012-09-27 05:27:21
I dont agree on some answers above.

2 jaguars vs bull- The jaguars can win if one of them delievers a skull bite, but it would not be likely to happen. The bull's agility and aggression makes it hard for the jaguars to do this, and it could well kill both of them.

3 wolverines vs bull- The bull would easily trample them all.

5 domestic cats vs wolverine- The wolverine, easily.

5 jaguars vs coastal brown bear- The jaguars wont know how to work together, and the coastal brown bear can kill one by one. But it could be severly injured on the process.

Bull vs grizzly bear- I give the fight to the bull, but it could be seriously hurt. Grizzly bears are very aggressive, and also they are very robust compared to other bears.

3 lions vs polar bear- Three male lions could kill a polar bear, but i conclude that one or two of them could be severly injured.  

email wrote at 2012-12-18 06:18:19
I agree with jim's answers.

1) The jaguars would lack cohension, and the bull should be able to easily counter both of them.

2) The bull, easily. The wolverines would be tossed like a toy in the air.

3) The cats could win if they work together, but the wolverine would likely be too aggressive and durable for even 5 to beat.

4) If the jaguars work together, they could pull this off. But very unlikely as it, the kodiak bear would take them out one by one.

5) The wolf is three times the size of a large male bobcat, and would win confortably. Not to mention they are quicker but also have much stronger bite forces.

6) The horse, no contest.

7) The lion. Too aggressive and too good at killing.

8) T-rex, easily.

9) As above.

10) Could go either way. The wolf could quickly kill one, and leave the other MMA in trouble. But if the MMAs cooperate together, they would have a good chance.

11) In a fight, the siberian tiger should win. Too big for the wolverines.

12) Same as kodiak bear vs 5 jaguars.

13) Bull. Siberian tigers lacks the experience in order to deal with this opponent, and the bull can go a lot of serious damage quickly. A bengal tiger would be a better matchup.

14) A big and persistant grizzly bear would win, but otherwise the bull wins. Too fast and agile for the grizzly bear.  

15) The elephant, easily.

16) Close fight, but the wolverine wins. Too durable and well armed for the bobcat. Bobcats are very aggressive wild cats and they wont back down a similar sized animal.

17) Hard to say.

18) Grizzly bear, easily.

19) Rhino, easily. Bears are bad for taking on this kind of prey, and they would get risked of being killed.

20) As above.

21) The kodiak bear should win as long as it could see the shark. They are very good fish killers.

22) Hard to say.

23) As above.

24) Rhino, no contest. The sabretooth tiger has a chance due to its massive sabres.

25) Probably the grizzly bear. They are too mighty and superior for a sabretooth tiger to beat.

26) If the jaguars work together, they would win. Siberian tigers arent as big as bengal tigers nowadays.

27) Bengal tiger, everytime. Just a more aggressive, faster, and a better hunter.

28) As above.

29) Probably the coyote. They have beated rottweilers and other large guard dogs.

30) No. The gorilla would destroy all of them.

31) No. A lion could do massive damage to a human in seconds. I doubt eight would do anything.

32) Hippo, easily. The men cant do anything to the hippo.

33) If the viking was experienced, he could possibly pull this off. Still a risky thing.

34) The lions, easily. The man cant do anything to the lions with just a shield.

35) Sabretooth tiger, easily.

36) The squirrels bite could do damage to a human, and they are too quick and agile.

37) Giraffes, easily.

38) Still favor the elephant. Way too powerful and strong.

39) The young lioness would still win, but not a sure thing.

40) Buffalo, easily.

41) Bull, easily. A full pack of wolves wont attempt to take on a healthy adult bull.

42) The bull would toss them in the air pretty easily. Monkeys are usually herbivorous and arent suitable to take on these animals.  

43) I'd go with the tiger. Not enough wolves.

44) As above.

45) Giraffe, easily.

46) The man could win, but it is not too one sided. Wolves are experienced in dealing with weaponaries on prey, and they very durable and powerful fighters.

47) The lions, but if it was a very big and experienced polar bear, it could possibly pull this off.

48) Still favor the grizzly bear. A paw swipe to the lion's head would kill it, and the wolverine could be in trouble.

49) The pitbull terrier, but it wont be a sure thing. German shepherds are very powerful and protective dogs. A large male can be twice the size of a pitbull terrier.

50) Unless the grizzly bear is extremely young and inexperienced, it should be able to beat the wolf.

51) Depends how young, but it could go either way.

52) As above.

53) Nah. The wolverines will forget it.  

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