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chris wrote at 2012-06-20 22:14:38
The asian black bear would dominate over the bengal tiger in a face to face comabat. The key is that tigers hunt prey with ambushes rather than face to face. There have been cases where adult black bears have came into tiger's territories and chasing them away. Asian black bears can get a lot bigger than bengal tigers in weight, especially ones in captive.

Sun bears are very aggressive, and have large claws and large strong teeth that can scare off a tiger. Tigers normally never prey on sun bears for this reason, and it is likely that the bear is also able to injure the tiger.

gary wrote at 2012-06-30 00:13:18
The asian black bear is more muscular in built than the bengal tiger. It is just all of its body muscles may look like fat. It is true that the tiger can be much quicker, but the asian black bear can be extremely aggressive. Asian Black bears are stronger than Bengal tigers are equal weights since they have solid bone builts, strong bone densities, and thicker built.  

drake wrote at 2012-07-16 11:59:08
Tiger vs Black Bear: I do not see why the tiger is more muscular than the black bear. I am pretty sure that the largest black bear at 880 lbs would be more powerful and stronger than the largest siberian tiger at 700 lbs.

drake wrote at 2012-07-19 06:26:29
400 lb sun bear vs 400 lb bengal tiger: I can certainly imagine the aggressive sun bear winning over the tiger at such a size. Its strong large bite and large claws/fierce/speed makes the bengal tiger think it is too formidable. Bengal tigers are known to kill 300 lb sloth bears, but mostly in ambushes.

drake wrote at 2012-07-19 06:53:11
Tiger vs Grizzly Bear: The grizzly bear is going to be too large and too strong for even the largest siberian tigers. 660 lbs vs 1050 lbs is a huge difference.

simon wrote at 2012-08-02 23:29:16
Tiger vs Black bear: At equal weights, the black bear is going to dominate over the tiger as bears are pound for pound stronger than big cats. A few well placed paw swipes of the black bear can cause fatal injuries on the tiger. The tiger of course wins in an ambush as it is a powerful hunter with bigger canines.

Tiger vs Kodiak bear: Bad matchup for the tiger. The kodiak bear would likely be too large and too powerful for a siberian tiger. Siberian brown bears also are said to kill siberian tigers.

Tiger vs Polar bear: Even worse. The polar bear's big size, carnivorous nature, and immense strength allows it to overpower a siberian tiger.

Tiger vs Grizzly Bear: Same scenario as the siberian brown bear vs siberian tiger. The grizzly bear is just far too muscular, too well armed, too well built, and also too well protected.

Tiger vs Sun bear: The sun bear would probably be too small to kill a full grown tiger, but it can inflict wounds with its big bite and big claws.  

dores wrote at 2012-08-17 20:55:59
Same sizes

500 lb Grizzly Bear vs 500 lb siberian tiger- The grizzly bear's compact built, superior strength, massive solid bone structure, and aggression would be too much for the siberian tiger.

500 lb Black bear vs 500 lb siberian tiger- The ussuri black bear would win at parity. Its more aggressive, far more durable, more powerful built, more muscular, has very powerful forelimbs, and is known to hunt animals.

500 lb polar bear vs 500 lb siberian tiger- The siberian tiger is known to hunt ussuri brown bears that weigh around the polar bear. It would win, but not easily.

500 lb kodiak bear vs 500 lb siberian tiger- Kodiak bears are not carnivorous and not aggressive, meaning that the siberian tiger has a good chance to win. It needs to becareful of the kodiak bear's paws, but eventually it would get a good hold of it.

500 lb hypothetical sun bear vs 500 lb siberian tiger- Although sun bears lack predatory nature, it has a very strong bite and big claws that can shatter the siberian tiger. If the siberian tiger manages to get hold of the bear's neck, the sun bear's loose skin allows it to turn around and counterattack.

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address wrote at 2013-01-08 00:05:55
Additional answers

I am assuming a bengal tiger in these fights.

1) In the equal weight scenario, the tiger should win but both bears can win though. Both bears are quite strong and powerful, and a single paw swipe could destroy a tiger.  

2) Tiger wins because of speed and killing instincts, but close though. Even a smaller male grizzly bear at 600 lbs, roughly a large bengal tiger's size, could put up a serious fight.

3) Black bears are less powerfully built than brown bears and are actually much less combative and aggressive. The tiger is also better armed and much faster. Tiger definitely wins at parity.

4) Sun bears weigh up to 130 lbs, while bengal tigers may weigh as large as 600 lbs. At hypothetically parity, the sun bear should win but it could get seriously hurt.  

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