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Kimberly wrote at 2013-12-13 20:09:31

Leopard vs Camel:A large Bacterian Camel would be way to big in a fight scenario.If the leopard strikes by ambush it could get the kill if it managed to bite the camel throat.Possible,but very unlikely kill.

Leopard vs Muskox:Through anmush the Leopard could certainly bring down an ox.Leopards are very intelegent and really powerful hunters and have been known to bring down eland,which are larger and more mobile than ox.

Leopard vs Bull:If were refering to a radeo bull such as a spanish fighting bull,then the leopard has next to no chance,as the bovine would be to mobile and agressive.However most other domestic cattle breeds would be in reach.

Leopard vs Lion:A fight scenario?big mismatch as the lion would tottaly dominate the leopard because of a great size difrence.Through ambush it would be possible for the leopard to win,but very rarelly.

Leopard vs Gorilla:Leopards have hunted gorillas through ambush,and in this scenario the leopard holds the advantage. In a fight though the goriila would be to much as it would have a 200 lbs or more size difrence,and the gorillas strength surpasis the leopards pretty greatly.

Leopard vs Anaconda:any place around the water the anaconda would win.In water the snake would be to agile and quick for the leopard to over come. On land the leopard has a chance if it managed to grabe the anacondas head,how ever i still give the anaconda the edge.

Leopard vs Jaguar:The Jaguar would win.A male especally would be more superier with its fantastic strength and stronger bite.A male leopard against a jaguaris would be a better fight although the jaguar still has the edge.

Leopard vs Buffalo:Leopards have been known to hunt forest buffalo,although its only calves that are targeted.A leopard could kill this species of buffalo,but it has no chance of killing an adult cape buffalo or water buffalo. Cape Buffalo for example are very dangerous pray for lions.

Leopard vs Yak:Despite the yaks very slow movement it would most definetly be to large and powerful.

Leopard vs Alligator:A leopard could kill small specimens,such as the chinese alligator but the largest american alligators would be to big and powerful for the leopard to handle.

Leopard vs Giant Forest Hog:In a fight the hog would be to agressive and strong for the leopard to deal with.In an ambush it would be physically possible but its not gonna be easy what so ever.

Leopard vs warthog:Pretty much the same,although the leopard would have a better chance especially in an ambush.

Leopard vs Bison:No chance for the leopard.Even if its lets say a small wood bison cow,the leopard could never deal with it as it would be to large,mobile, and powerful.

Leopard vs Horse:Same as with the Camel.

Leopard vs Crocodile:Same as with gator although the would be more specimens for the leopard to take.  

gian wrote at 2015-07-14 13:43:01

Leopard vs-

Camel-It would be a pretty big kill, but it isn't out of the question. Leopards have been known to bring down Eland.

Muskox-Yes.Ambush would be key here but the Leopard would be totally capable of pulling this off.

Bull-All depends on what kind of bull were talking about. Theres some a Leopard could kill through ambush, but im sure this reader is referring to a Spanish fighting bull. If so no chance as it would be to big and powerful.

Lion-Almost impossible really. All big cats have the same type of movements and this would make it tricky for the Leopard to catch the Lion off guard. And because of the size advantage the Lion has it would dominate a fight with a Leopard easily.

Gorilla-I might actually back the Leopard here. The Gorilla would be stronger but the Leopard would be better armed, more agile, and would have a better killing instinct. The Gorilla isn't chanceless but I favore the Leopard more times than not.

Anaconda-On land a Leopard could definitely kill an Anaconda, however if the Anaconda is really large I would back it even on land.

Jaguar-The Leopard has a better chance here than with the Lion,but still the Jaguar would win a majority of the time, because its a little bigger and its stronger.

Buffalo-A forest buffalo yes. But a cape buffalo or water buffalo not a chance.

Yak-Almost no chance for the Leopard. Yaks maybe slow but they would be to big and powerful for a Leopard to kill.

Alligator-Depends on the size. A large alligator could be for times the weight of a Leopard and would be too big for the Leopard to handle. But most alligators wouldn't be to big for the Leopard to kill.

Giant Forest Hog- Leopards do prey on forest hogs, and ambush is key here. In a fight the Leopard still has a chance but the hog would drive the Leopard away most times in a fight.

Warthog-Same as above, but even more possible for the Leopard to get a kill.

Bison- Zero chance. Bison are to big and powerful for a Leopard to handle.

Horse-As with the Camel,the Leopard could kill any horse but some would make a pretty big kill for a Leopard.

Crocodile-Depends on the species. The smallest ones yes but the larger ones such as the Nile Crocodile would be too big.

Good questions here. I like the way this reader asked them.  

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