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kevin wrote at 2012-06-18 23:55:10
It would take a short faced bear or a cave bear to kill a rhino. Weighing 2000-2500 lbs or more, a short faced bear or cave bear is posessing enough weight strength to kill an adult rhino on an ambush. With about ten powerful swipes, the rhino's thick hide can be damaged. Cave bears and short faced bears were very aggressive, and were known to hunt down woolly mammoths, which were much larger and stronger than the rhino.  

drake wrote at 2012-07-20 01:18:19
Sloth Bear vs Leopard: The sloth bear, no doubt. It is far too aggressive and is at least 200 lbs heavier than a large leopard. Sloth bears have deadly claws, and also confront with bengal tigers as well.

bear fan wrote at 2012-08-09 18:44:47
Jaguar vs sloth bear- Sloth bears are frequently aggressive and have powerful long claws that can cause serious damage. They have been known to drive bengal tigers away from kills. Other than that, being around 2 times the size of the jaguar, the sloth bear should be heavily favored.

Indian rhino vs polar bear- A charge from an indian rhino would kill the polar bear as indian rhinos can weigh 4 tons and are well armed with their big sharp horn.

Spotted hyena vs sloth bear- The sloth bear, no contest. It weighs at least 2 times a spotted hyena weighs and a single paw swipe armed with big powerful claws would kill the hyena.

Asiatic black bear vs jaguar- The asiatic black bear. They are have quite powerful forelimbs and short strong claws. A large asiatic black bear would be 2 times the size of a large jaguar.

clouds wrote at 2012-10-06 06:22:41
I disagree.

If it is near water, then a large saltwater crocodile would be able to dominate over. The coastal brown bear is nearly 2 times the size of a large bengal tiger, and would easily win because of this. However, a large saltwater crocodile could beat the brown bear.

Jaguar vs sloth bear- A sloth bear would win as it could scare off the smaller jaguar off with its sheer aggression. Its claws can also do serious damage on the jaguar.

Indian rhino vs polar bear- The indian rhino, no doubt. The polar bear cant tear through its thick armor skin and a charge of the indian rhino could flatten the polar bear.

Alligator vs leopard- It is a stalemate on land. The alligator would have trouble catching the leopard on land as the leopard would be too agile and too fast. In water, the leopard has no chance.

Spotted hyena vs sloth bear- The sloth bear, most likely. It is much bigger, has long claws and sheer aggression that could easily tear apart the hyena or scare it off.

Asiatic black bear vs jaguar- The jaguar would struggle to take on an asiatic black bear. The asiatic black bear is on average much bigger than the jaguar, and also is very powerful and carnivorous.  

alias wrote at 2012-12-20 06:49:19
I really agree with jim.

a) Im not sure on this. The kodiak bear is twice the bengal tiger's size, and should win. A crocodile would need to be very large and experienced in order to deal with a large and aggressive brown bear on land.

1) Jaguar, easily. Sloth bears are very bad at taking on big cats. They arent as robust as other bears and are not as powerful. Their diet is mostly herbivorous.

2) A rhino would destroy a polar bear. The polar bear is mighty strong and powerful big bear, but i cant see it do anything to something as big and strong as a rhino.

3) Alligator, in water. If the leopard can tire the gator out on land, then it could possibly pull this off.

4) Probably the sloth bear. It is bigger, has more weaponary, and very aggressive.

5) This is a tough matchup for both, but i think the asiatic black bear should eventually wear out the jaguar and beat it. The jaguar is lb for lb the strongest cat on earth, but itsnt experienced in dealing with bears. It is also not a powerful fighter.

Lion prides take on the sick or injured adult rhinos. Large nile crocodiles could take down an adult rhino, but it wont be easy.

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