Interspecies Conflict/Leopard vs Rhino


Trish wrote at 2011-03-06 01:26:47
From Trish

Far from true. A leopard would never be able to do this because the calves always stay close to the adults and as we all know a leopard is no match for an adult rhino.  

Panda vs Feline:The most even match for a panda would be the cougar. The leopard would be a good guess to. But the largest Jaguars would beat a panda.  

Kimberly wrote at 2013-02-05 15:05:36
From Kimberly

Leopards never pray on the calves of rhinos,hippos,and especally elephants.Because the calves are so well protected.Just to state,the main threat to rhino calves are lions and hyenas.These predators will some times out number the mother and steal the calf. as far as other threats,there have been casses were nile crocodiles were able to sneak by the adults,and get a hold of the calves but typically they are to afraid of the consequences if they are cought by the very defensive mothers.And there was this one report of an african wild pack who was able to advantage of a lone calf because its mother was sick and nearly dieng.And lastly tigars may try and ambush a calf but often they dont succed because there solo hunters and it would be to risky of an atept because again the mother is usually near by.  

Interspecies Conflict

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