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gary wrote at 2012-06-25 17:58:59
Lion vs Panda?

Lion, no contest. Pandas are not aggressive and strong at all, and a lion or lioness can certainly kill one.

Green anaconda vs Lion?

It would take a 20 ft or larger anaconda to challenge a male lion or a siberian tiger in a face to face. Large green anacondas are known to take down adult male jaguars on land.  

drake wrote at 2012-07-27 03:48:01
Lion vs Giant Panda: The lion, no contest. Pandas are very unaggressive and they are plant eaters, in which would not be very sufficient against a lion.

Lion vs Green anaconda: A 30 ft green anaconda would be able to overwhelm a lion pretty easily in water, especially if the water is deep. Lions are not well swimmers as tigers or jaguars are, and they would be far less powerful.

American Bison vs Black caiman: Assuming the battle takes place in water, the bison would be less mobile in water and it would be drowned by the black caiman. If it fought on land, the caiman would tire out and the bison can crush the caiman with its tremondous power. A caiman would not even stand a chance against a charge of the bison.

African elephant vs 3 jaguars: The jaguars are not going to cooperate well together since they are not social like lions are. Even though, prides of lions have trouble taking down elephants. So, 3 jaguars stand no chance at all.

early wrote at 2012-10-24 22:58:41
Lion vs Giant panda- Giant pandas arent aggressive and they are also not predatory like other bears. They also are not good fighters. The lion is much bigger, more agile, better armed, more aggressive, has great fighting skills, and also has a killing bite. The panda would be destroyed.

Lion vs Green anaconda- In water, a large anaconda could constrict the lion and drown it. On land, the lion would tear apart the sluggish boa.

American Bison vs Black caiman- In deep water, the black caiman would wait for the bison to drown. On land, the bison is nearly 3 times the size of the caiman and would easily win by crushing it to death.

African elephant vs 3 jaguars- Single african elephants have defeated prides of lions. The lions cant do much to the elephant. Three jaguars would be very easily tossed or stomped by an elephant.  

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