Interspecies Conflict/hippos and bears


kevin wrote at 2012-02-22 18:08:13
Two big polar bears would win a fight with a hippo. But one would lose. One grizzly bear may seriously cut a hippo because of its vigorous temperament.

kevin wrote at 2012-02-22 18:12:49
Actually tigers have not killed adult rhinos and elephants. They have preyed on young rhinos and young elephants. A bull hippo would easily and quickly finish a tiger off if the tiger gets near the hippo's jaw.  

kevin wrote at 2012-06-12 21:13:27
Polar bears have been known to take down 3000 lb bull walruses alone. Since walruses weigh about the same as hippos, a polar bear should be able to take down a hippo although it would take a bit difficult for its claws to piece the hippo. A polar bear could kill a pygmy hippo.

Gary wrote at 2012-06-25 19:21:55
Hippo vs Polar bear?

Only the extinct unknown polar bear is able to challenge and may defeat an adult female hippo. Polar bears are known to prey on adult male walruses, but since then walruses are not mobile on land as hippos are.

Hippo vs Brown bear?

The hippo, no contest. Brown bears, except for Amur brown bears, are omnivorous and sometimes get chased off by adult bisons. It would take the much larger short faced bear or cave bear.

Hippo vs Black bear?

The black bear would be very aggressive towards its enemy, but a hippo is outmatch. One bite of the hippo is extremely powerful, and can break a crocodile in half!

drake wrote at 2012-07-03 00:00:05
Hippo vs Polar bear: I'd favor the polar bear. It takes time to let its claws pierce the hippo's thick skin, and polar bears are suitable to taking large animals.

Hippo vs Brown Bear: Brown bears are not suitable to take on large prey, but female bisons and bull moose are sometimes taken. The hippo should win this match.  

javier wrote at 2013-02-04 05:58:02
Bears are not big game hunters, and hippos are extremely large dangerous and aggressive things. They have enormous mouths, thick amounts of blubber and muscle, and are amazingly fast for their size. Large deer are no easy prey for adult black bears, and wild boar and sometimes caribous or elks are also dangerous things for adult grizzly bears to prey on. The thick skin can easily protect hippos from injuries. If a unlikely fight happened, the biggest polar bears or kodiak bears would be savaged.

A large and healthy hippo would be way too much for a tiger. It is way too dangerous. Tigers are the best big game hunters alive today. Bengal tigers have killed wounded indian rhinos and elephants a few times. This does not happen everytime though.  

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