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Interspecies Conflict/who would win in a fight


kevin wrote at 2012-06-14 23:14:37
In a face to face fight, a male sloth bear can kill a male bengal tiger with its powerful, large claws. Sloth bears are also about the same size as bengal tigers, both weighing 300-400 lbs on average. In an ambush, the bengal tiger can kill the sloth bear.

kevin wrote at 2012-06-14 23:17:08
Kodiak bears are not made for killing large animals like polar bears are. These bears are omnivorous, and weigh about a ton less than a rhino. Especially in a face to face, the kodiak bear would get killed by the rhino's powerful, large horn and 2 ton weight, and large size. It would take a giant short faced bear or a cave bear to challenge a rhino, especially on an ambush.

kevin wrote at 2012-06-14 23:19:44
An american black bear can defeat an adult jaguar. Given at this size and aggression, the american black bear can defeat a bengal tiger or sumatran tiger, and even challenge a siberian tiger (biggest wild cat on earth).

evan wrote at 2012-06-20 22:49:05
Its not likely that a large sloth bear would become food for a bengal tiger. Sloth bears are not small at all compared to a bengal tiger. Male Bengal tigers are longer than male sloth bears by 2 ft, while male sloth bears are 3 inches taller than male bengal tigers. A bengal tiger normally weighs 300-400 lbs, and it is about the size of an adult male sloth bear. Female sloth bears can be extremely vicious when protecting cubs and youngs from predators like tigers. Males are highly aggressive and powerful when defending their territories.

Gary wrote at 2012-06-22 19:13:26
Jaguar vs Lion

A male lion can defeat a jaguar since male lions can weigh as much as a siberian tiger. It would be different from a lioness. A 250 lb male jaguar is strong enough to kill a lioness in a combat since jaguars have the strongest wild cat bite force. Lionesses weigh 300 lbs, and one bite of the jaguar on the lioness skull can overwhelm it. Lionesses lose to hyenas and leopards in fights on occasion as well.  

gary wrote at 2012-06-22 19:16:47
Barbary lion vs Bear?

A 600 lb barbary lion or siberian tiger would be an even match for a large black bear in a combat. Black bears are very aggressive bears, and sometimes are known to drive grizzly bears away from kills. Since lions are the strongest defenders of all wild cats, a barbary lion given this size can kill a black bear, although it would substain serious injuries. Grizzly bears, brown bears, and polar bears are certainly no match for any lion or tiger.

Justin wrote at 2012-06-25 01:39:02
Lion vs Grizzly Bear?

At same weights, a 400 lb grizzly bear is still going to kill the lion. The grizzly bear is very well armed and has a very dense large bone built structure than a lion. One swipe of its paws can kill two lions at a time. Tigers certainly will lose to Grizzly Bears since they are not as defensive as a lion. Most grizzly bears average 800-900 lbs, but can reach as much as 1500 lbs.

Justin wrote at 2012-06-25 01:39:02
Lion vs Grizzly Bear?

At same weights, a 400 lb grizzly bear is still going to kill the lion. The grizzly bear is very well armed and has a very dense large bone built structure than a lion. One swipe of its paws can kill two lions at a time. Tigers certainly will lose to Grizzly Bears since they are not as defensive as a lion. Most grizzly bears average 800-900 lbs, but can reach as much as 1500 lbs.

drake wrote at 2012-07-19 06:56:29
Sloth Bear vs Tiger: A bengal tiger would fairly win, unless the sloth bear was particularly very large and highly territorial in which would be a bit dangerous for the tiger. Sloth bears never hunt any wild animals, except for probably birds and lizards. It may be a very different story with a large asian black bear or sun bear.

endless sky wrote at 2012-09-10 06:55:44
Barbary lion vs bengal tiger- A bengal tiger would win at same sizes. It would be far more experienced in hunting, more aggressive, and also more powerfully built.

Male Lion vs grizzly bear- Male lions regulary weigh 400 lbs, as grizzly bears average 800 lbs. The grizzly bear is too big and well armed.

Bengal tiger vs sloth bear- The bengal tiger would win on a normal routine, but the sloth bear's aggression is still a danger though.

Jaguar vs american black bear- Same scenario as lion vs grizzly bear.

Siberian tiger vs polar bear- The polar bear. Too big and too powerful.

Leopard vs cougar- The leopard would win. Its just more aggressive and has a tendency to fight viciously.

Spotted hyena vs baboon- The spotted hyena would eventually get into a postion where it can deliver its serious killing bite. The baboon is not big enough to defend itself.

Bengal tiger vs male lion- Again, the much stronger and more powerful tiger should win.

Lioness vs indochinese tiger- I dont like lioness chances with any tiger species, not even the sumatran tiger.

Kodiak bear vs hippo- The hippo would win pretty easily due to sheer size, massive jaw, and aggression.  

thus wrote at 2012-10-29 06:23:10
Additional information

Barbary lion vs caspian tiger- The barbary lion is much larger, has more fighting skills, and would win on most occasions.

African lion vs grizzly bear- A single paw swipe to the lion's head could well kill it. Grizzly bears are usually too much for lions.

Bengal tiger vs sloth bear- The bengal tiger would win, but the fight would be close. Bengal tigers are larger, stronger, and more agile. The sloth bear has a chance due to sheer aggression.

Jaguar vs American Black bear- The black bear should win a fight. The american black bear is just much larger and more durable.

Siberian tiger vs Polar bear- Brown bears have killed adult siberian tigers. The much larger and better armed polar bear should have no trouble.

Leopard vs cougar- The fight could go either way. Both are very ferious animals and have good weaponary/hunting instincts.

Spotted hyena vs baboon- The spotted hyena would win. Baboons weigh 40-80 on average, as spotted hyenas can grow to the sizes of 150 lbs. A single bite of the hyena could easily destroy a baboon. The baboon has a chance due to grappling advantage and agility.

Bengal tiger vs african lion- The bengal tiger would win since it has a stronger bite, more robust, and is more experienced in hunting. The lion has a chance due to aggression, longer forelimbs, and more fighting skills.

Lioness vs Indochinese tiger- Tigers would beat lionesses without much trouble. They are much more robust, stronger, and are better hunters.

Kodiak bear vs hippo- Kodiak bears arent really big game predators, and would have no chance against a large and aggressive hippo. The bite of the hippo could cause severe injuries to the kodiak bear.  

Sudhart wrote at 2013-01-18 06:13:46
I am going to assume these are average weighted species.

1) Barbary lions average 500 pounds, as caspian tigers topped up to 300 pounds. Lion wins cause of size and fighting skills.

2) The grizzly bear is on average twice the size of a lion, and should be able to easily win.

3) Bengal tiger wins easily. Sloth bears are small and lightly built bears, that weigh only 300 pounds. Bengal tigers top 500 pounds.

4) Black bear, but not by a whole a lot. The jaguar is a mighty powerful animal, but the black bear's size should keep it to win. Jaguars are 200 pounds on average weights, and black bears in north america average up to 500 pounds.

5) The polar bear is triple the weight of a modern day siberian tiger, and should win.

6) Leopard, but only slightly. I think it is more aggressive animal.

7) The baboon can control the hyena with its forelimbs, but is around half the weight of the average spotted hyena at 150 pounds.

8) Tiger should win. Bengal tigers weigh 500 pounds on average, as lions average 420 pounds.

9) Tiger wins easily. Lionesses arent powerful nor strong as lions, and they only average 250 pounds.

10) Kodiak Bear, eventually. The hippo's mouth produces a lot of bite force, but the kodiak bear is agile and strong enough to avoid it. It has the raw strength to break through hippo's thick skin.

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