Interspecies Conflict/ultimate battles


Khan wrote at 2013-04-27 12:40:52
Sunda CL is only slightly bigger at max. But the main land are more robustly built. SCL's body is built like a cougar and CL like leopard. but has a longer body.

at pairity male lion wins most of the time. but siberian and bengal both tigers are bigger.

Interspecies Conflict

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I can answer majority of questions regarding Vertebrates, although my knowledge of anatomy, and the science of organisms outweighs my knowledge of behaviour, due to the sheer number of animals in that Phylum. So if you ask me a question about a common member of carnivora I could tell you just about everything from muscle density, to hunting patterns to the colour of it's scat. But if you ask me about about a tunicate I'll tell you about it's digestive system. I'll do my best to answer whatever you throw at me, but I'll be most readily able to answer questions about medium to large mammals, crocodilians, snakes, lizards, Birds of prey, and a fair bit of marine life. I'm very interested in non-vertebrates too of course, specifically terrestrial Arthropods, so ask away for insects, arachnids, etc. Some of the fiercest predators on the planet are some of the tiniest! Also I am able to answer some questions regarding prehistoric animals, dinosaurs, plants, and fungi. Like most of you I often think about hypothetical battles between animals, so think up some interesting fights, people!


As a wee lad I always knew I had an interest in the natural world around me. From a young age I was obsessed with all forms of life, specifically Carnivores. I recall spending hours going through my grand parents collection of national geographic, looking at the sides of the issues as to see which animals they covered. Not that it matters too much, but I've traveled around a fair bit, and I've seen an incredible amount of animals in their natural habitat. I lived for a year in Australia, both on the the west coast and Queensland, it is an absolutely beautiful country I might add. I observed fresh and saltwater crocs, kangaroo and wallaby, sea eagles and sharks in their wild habitats. In the middle east I've played with camel spiders, centipedes and mole crickets. I have taken care of horses, dogs, cats, and rodents. I live in Victoria, British colombia now, so I got deer, elk, black bears and cougars in my backyard. (and I don't mean the type you take on a date). I enjoy long walks on the beach picking up rocks that shouldn't be overturned and observing the slimy beauties underneath. A giant pacific octopus was my favourite find (unfortunately it was dead).

My mother once put up a picture I drew on the fridge, but then took it down when when there was a magnet recession.

I'm currently in going into my second college yea, Majoring in Biology. Besides being raised by a family of wolves I have taken every biology and chemistry class offered to me in high school and excelled. I remember taking Bio 11 and already knowing the material from my independent curiosity. I have taken courses in evolutionary theory, cell structure and anatomy, organism overviews, basic chemistry, a little bio-chem, animal/plant form and function, etc. However, majority of my knowledge comes from personal readings. I would never tell you I know everything (No one who has ever studied biology would) and I will gladly concede to someone if I am incorrect or mistaken.

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