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spokes wrote at 2012-10-24 05:47:52
Male african lion vs male asiatic lion- The african lion would win due to slight size advantage, ferocity, and more fighting experience.

Male jaguar vs Male alpha grey wolf- The jaguar would easily win. It is very robust for a big cat, has forelimbs/claws, and would be too powerful for a single wolf.

Leopard vs undertaker- The undertaker has a chance due to his size and strength, but the leopard would tear him up. Leopards are very ferocious when fighting and also have forelimbs/claws. Leopards have been known to kill adult gorillas.

Puma vs chimp- The cougar would win as it is better armed and far more predatory. A few strikes of its forelimbs could severly injure the chimp.

600 lb tiger vs 15 ft nile crocodile- In water, the crocodile would have no trouble winning. On land, the tiger has some chances as it is agile and a little bit experienced in killing reptiles. But a crocodile of this size is going to be much larger than the tiger and would be too dangerous for this massive tiger.

Sloth bear vs african male lion- The sloth bear would drive off the lion due to the fact it is extremely aggressive and has very dangerous long claws. It has a chance. But the lion would win on most occasion due to being much bigger and stronger.

Giant green anaconda vs grizzly bear- In deep water, the grizzly bear would have very little chance. A very large anaconda could constrict a grizzly bear and drown it. On land, the grizzly bear wont have much of a problem crushing the boa's weak head or tearing it apart.

Polar bear vs gustave (20 ft and 2000 lb nile crocodile) Tough fight for both on land. Gustave was a really big crocodile and would have a really strong bite force. It also has very tough armor. It wouldnt be too mobile on land, so the polar bear could eventually find a way to crush its skull using massive strength. In water, a crocodile of this size could drown the polar bear.

Polar bear vs largest saltwater crocodile- Same scenario as above, except worse for the polar bear. Saltwater crocodiles are very aggressive crocodiles, more so than the nile crocodile. The largest saltwater crocodile was nearly 3000 lbs, and would be too much for a polar bear to beat on land. The polar bear has a chance if it could crush its skull, but it could get risked getting caught by the crocodile.

Leopard vs wolverine- Mountain lions have taken out wolverines without too much trouble. The more ferocious and aggressive leopard should also have no trouble.

Sumatran tigers are the most aggressive species of big cats. They have attacked humans once they see them on the sight. The bengal tiger is the second aggressive species of big cats. They are man-eaters of india.  

Interspecies Conflict

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