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Interspecies Conflict/saltwater crocodile vs other animals


Gary wrote at 2012-06-22 21:53:06
Hippo vs 20 ft 2000 lb Nile crocodile?

Nile crocodiles usually avoid hippos, but a nile crocodile about this size could possibly defeat one in an ambush depending on its experience. Gustave was a 20 ft 2000 lb nile crocodile, and once killed an adult male hippo by itself and fed on it. Hippos, however, have very massive jaws with two canines that reach 2 ft. Their bite can break a nile crocodile in half, even a crocodile this sized.

rick wrote at 2012-08-01 20:57:47
Crocodile vs Polar bear/Kodiak bear: A 20 ft crocodile at a ton is going to be very powerful and can probably kill a kodiak bear with a bite to the skull. The bite of a 20 ft crocodile would have tougher armor be stronger than a bite of a 16 ft nile crocodile. Also, it is not that easy for a kodiak bear to flip over a 20 ft nile crocodile at a ton. Kodiak bears are omnivorous bears and they rarely hunt for other big hoofed animals. Not even a polar bear would do this without taking risk.

Crocodile vs Tiger/Lion: Even the average nile crocodile can take out a tiger in water or near water, especially if it attacked quickly or ambushed it. A 20 ft crocodile at a ton should be heavily favored, especially when it is in water. A crocodile this size would also be too big for the tiger to wrestle. Lions are not frequent swimmers, and have no chance at all.

Crocodile vs hippo: A 20 ft crocodile at 2000 lbs is a already a challenge for an adult hippo, especially a hippo at same size. In an ambush, the crocodile has good chances of winning, but a 4 ton hippo would mostly likely be too formidable.

Crocodile vs african elephant: The elephant is too big, too well armed, and too heavy for the crocodile to take on. Even if the crocodile came to bite the elephant, the elephant can use its massive trunk to defend. A prehistoric crocodile such as the 50 ft deinosuchus or sarchosaurus can probably easily kill the elephant.

crocodile vs rhino: Most rhinos are too much for even a crocodile of this size, especially with a 4 ton white rhino. Only a group of crocodiles can kill a rhino in an ambush.

crocodile vs great white shark: The crocodile has a massive advantage in shallow water and in rivers as the great white shark would be less active. The bite force of this crocodile would be much more than the great white sharks. But in deep water, the crocodile loses its speed and the great white shark has the power to kill it.

crocodile vs orca: Mismatch, unless you are talking about the deinosuchus or sarchosaurus.

crocodile vs smilodon: The crocodile has a distinct advantage in water as smilodon was a poor swimmer. Smildon on land can win if it pierced the crocodile with its two giant canines, but it would have a hard time biting.

crocodile vs american lion: Unlike smilodon, american lion was much bigger and also had more agility. But a crocodile of 20 ft 1 ton is going to be tough for any big cat. Its bite force would be deadly, and in water, the american lion has zero chance.

crocodile vs cape/water buffalo: The cape buffalo or water buffalo would trample the crocodile to death on land once the crocodile gets too tired. In water, the scenario is changed. The 20 ft crocodile at 1 ton would drown the buffalo.

crocodile vs human: The human has no chance barefisted. The crocodile would of been dragging him to the water and deathrolling him. With an axe, the human can probably chop the crocodile's jaws off on land once the crocodile tires out. But in water, it would be too slow as the crocodile would be too fast. A human armed with a sword is not going to do much to the crocodile and there is zero chance that anyone can flip a 1000 lb crocodile upside down. Crocodiles also have very thick armor covered with scales to protect. In water, the human is going to be massacred.

dores wrote at 2012-08-17 23:18:21
20 ft crocodile vs polar bear- On land and 3 ft of water, it can be a draw. The polar bear would be too fast for the crocodile to catch, while the crocodile's size offers protection from the polar bear's attacks. The 20 ft crocodile at a ton would be very strong at drowning big animals underwater.

20 ft crocodile vs kodiak bear- The kodiak bear is slightly bigger and more muscular than the polar bear, but it is going to lack predatory nature to deal with a 20 ft crocodile. In 3 ft of water or on land, the crocodile would be too large for the kodiak bear to do anything. In deep water, of course the crocodile is going to drown it as the kodiak bear would lose its mobility.

20 ft crocodile vs tiger- On land or in 3 ft water, a crocodile this big would be too much for a tiger. A tiger would have serious trouble tackling this massive crocodile, as the crocodile is nearly 5 times the tiger's weight. In deep water, the crocodile can swim free easily and ambush the tiger as it drowns.

20 ft crocodile vs lion- The lion has nearly no chance. It is not a frequent swimmer and lions are not experienced in killing reptiles.

20 ft crocodile vs hippo- The crocodile would be too big for the hippo to snap in half, but the hippo can still easily win. Being at least 2 times the size of the crocodile, having thick skin, and armed with big tusks, the crocodile would still be savaged.

20 ft crocodile vs elephant- The elephant would win on land and in shallow water easily as it can stomp underfoot. In deep water, the crocodile can drown it if it grabbed the hind legs.

20 ft crocodile vs rhino- Same as elephant.

20 ft crocodile vs great white shark- The 20 ft crocodile should fairly win in shallow water due to being better armed and having very thick armor. In deep water, the shark can avoid the crocodile and attack its underbelly.

20 ft crocodile vs orca- In 3 ft of water, repeated attacks of the crocodile would cripple the orca. But in deep water, the orca is at massive advantage.

20 ft crocodile vs smilodon- Unlike the tiger, the smilodon was much better armed and was much more powerfully built. It would be agile enough to not let the crocodile catch it, but its sabers would be not strong and big enough to penetrate the 20 ft crocodile's armor. However, smilodon was not a very good swimmer and the crocodile would certainly win in deep/shallow water.

20 ft crocodile vs american lion- The 20 ft crocodile would be at a distinct advantage in water as american lions were poor swimmers. On land, the bigger size of the american lion compared to tigers gives it more of a chance to win.

20 ft crocodile vs cape buffalo- The cape buffalo would be too fast and mobile for the crocodile to catch and should be able to wear out the crocodile on land. In deep water, the crocodile would have no problem dragging the cape buffalo underwater.

20 ft crocodile vs water buffalo- Same as above.

20 ft crocodile vs human barefist/axe/sword- On land, the human may be quick and smart enough to avoid the crocodile's jaws. His only chance is to reach for the crocodile's eyes, snout, or skull, but it may get risked in getting caught by the crocodile's jaws. With a good axe or sword, the human is able to chop through the crocodile's thick armor and eventually kill it. In deep water, the crocodile would be too fast and too agile that the human has no chance to use the axe/sword.

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arnold wrote at 2012-10-12 06:26:32
Gustave was a 20 ft and 1 ton nile crocodile that was reported to predate on a adult male hippo, and several juvenile and female adult hippos. Gustave would have a very strong bite force, and more so than the average nile crocodile at 500 lbs. Its bite could well penetrate through the hippo's thick skin. I would say that a 20 ft and 1 ton saltwater crocodile with very good experience could defeat a hippo.

A 20 ft crocodile could probably bring down an adult black rhino, although this would be difficult. Black rhinos are extremely fast and aggressive for a rhino and they also have extremely sharp horns.  

Saad wrote at 2013-03-24 06:25:57
There are a lot of large crocodiles found in the world.

Nile crocodile shot in Tanzania weighed to be 2400 pounds and was 22 ft long (largest nile crocodile so far found in africa)

Largest Nile crocodile (Gustave) found in East africa weighed to be 2000 pounds and is about 20 ft long.

A 23 ft and 3000 pound saltwater crocodile was shot in orissa, india. It is the largest crocodile so far on record.

In the Philippines, there was a saltwater crocodile captured by villagers that weighed to be 2200 pounds and was roughly 21 ft long.

In the amazon river, a black caiman estimated to be 20 ft long weighed to be 2400 pounds.

A 19 ft american alligator was captured. It weighed to be 1200 pounds.  

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