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Muhamed wrote at 2012-12-14 19:29:38

Male White Rhino vs Femal Elephant-Depends on size.If the rhino is close or equal in size than its bound to win.Rhino are very strong animals and would basicaly win against any similer sized herbivore.

Bull Hippo vs Femal Asian Elephant-On land the elephant would win. It would be able to possesion its self better do to its height.In water the hippo could leave lethal injuries on the elephant.  

Rhino vs Colossal Squid-Very Tough to say.Rhinos are great swimers,As a matter of fact the indian rhino is able to swim across lakes that are 10 feet deep. The squid problably cant drown the rhino.

Gaur vs Yak-Gaur.On average its heavier ,and its a more agressive animal.

Gaur vs American Bison-On average i would go with the Bison.Its more mobile,and is very robust. The gaur is less agile so its charge would have less of an impact.

Giraffe vs Yak-Giraffe.The yak wouldnt be agile enough to knock the much heavier giraffe of balance,and it would just take a single kick to end the fight.

Giraffe vs Jaguar-The jaguar could never bring down an adult giraffe. An adult bull weighs 3500 lbs and stands 19 feet tall.That to much for 3 lioness to handle.

Bull elk vs Muskox-problably the elk. Its at atlers could cause quicker damage.

Muskox vs Giant Forest Hog-A large hog would win.Very tough,agile,and agressive animal.The ox would likely retreat before things got serious.

8 Wolverine vs Yak-Problably the Wolverines. The wolverine fights larger animals by attacking there vonrable areas.8 of them would be a very serious threat,espacualy a relativaly unagile animal.

8 Wolverines vs Muskox-Same deal.

Gorilla vs Spotted Hyena-Let me just say its creepy that hyenas are able to take multiple blows from lions,leopards,etc. A gorilla wouldnt have an easy time at all but its strength and advantage in weopanry would allow it to prevail.

Gorilla vs Cheetah-Again the ape prevails,this time with out a challenge.

Green Anaconda vs Moose-I actually think a very large anaconda would win. It would be tough for any 4 legged animal to fight it, and it would most likely get a kill if it wraped around the mooses neck.

American Alligator vs Giant Eland-Only a very large alligator could do this in deep water.Other than that the elands size would allow it to prevail.

Leopard vs Muskox-Through ambush a large male leopard especally would be able to get a kill.But other than that it would face to many problams in a fight.

Leopard vs Forest Buffalo-Same as above but even more dificult for the leopard. In a fight the buffalo would be to much periode.

Moose vs 7 Spotted Hyenas-The Hyenas.Lets just say that old saying strength in numbers lives up to its word here. They'll be good at this type of kill ,and there resilent. more so than wolves for example.  

Gian wrote at 2015-03-15 21:44:43

Green Anaconda vs Moose:I would have to disagree with you here.An anaconda typically weighs 200 lbs and it would be tough for it to constrict a 1500 lbs moose.A large anaconda could pull it off,but the moose would usually win.  

Gian wrote at 2016-02-01 23:51:16

Gorilla vs Spotted Hyena- I've read the answers from many experts about this matchup and I really gotta say that I think there are some over exaggerations to this matchup. for one thing a gorilla is 3 times the size of a hyena and not to mention it has the strength of 10 strong men. The gorillas assets( powerful arms, powerful jaws) would also come into play. All this combined makes an easy win for the gorilla. Gorilla wins.

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