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Dear Andy,

This is my first question to you. Match-ups:
1. 30 kg elite American Pittbull Terrier vs prime elite American Bulldog
2. 30 kg elite American Pittbull Terrier vs baboon
3. 30 kg elite American Pittbull Terrier vs Indian langur
4. 30 kg elite American Pittbull Terrier vs elite german shepherd dog
5. 30 kg elite American Pittbull Terrier vs large lynx
6. 30 kg elite American Pittbull Terrier vs large wolverine
7. 30 kg elite American Pittbull Terrier vs 45 kg wolf

Hi Gaurav,

A 30 kg Elite APBT will be the cream of the crop as regards dogs so here goes,

1. Unless the American Bulldog has a 5 Kg weight advantage this messy fight will go to the Pitbull but not always.
2. A baboon can be a problem for the dog due to it's own ferocity however the Pitbull is the perfect dog here. The Baboon still can win tho due to it's dexterousness and it's own bites. I really think 50/50 depending on individuals.
3. The Pitbull is a winner here.
4. On average the Pitbull should win nearly every time, however an extremely strong powerful German Shepherd could turn the tide. German Shepherds can be ferocious and the attack can be just as bad as the Pitbulls but on average the Pitbull is just more likely to be tougher.
5. A large Lynx could launch an attack but face to face the Pitbull will likely be too much unless the Lynx is 10kg bigger, in that case it could well kill the dog quickly.
6. This is a tough one, both these animals have a lot in common. Lack of fear, the longevity of the fight could go to the wolverine but the explosive relentless thrashing is what the dog will dish out. I really think the Wolverine could last it tho so I'm giving this 50/50.
7. The wolf would likely win here, The Pitbull will exlode all over the wolf and I would imagine the wolf would try and flee but eventually it will defend itself and that bite can damage more than the Pitbulls. I think the wolf would win 8/10.

Thanks Gaurav.

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