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early wrote at 2012-10-20 06:17:52
2 elite martial artists vs ostrich- The ostrich would win on most occasion. It could well kill both of the martial artists with its deadly kicks. Ostriches are also much heavier than humans on average.

2 elite martial artists vs large kangaroo- The kangaroo is a lot more likely to kill the martial artists than vice versa. Its kicks are strong enough to knock out both of them.

120 lb wolf vs 120 lb brown hyena- The wolf would win, but it would be a close fight. It is a much better fighter and also is more agile.

110 lb elite ambull vs 110 lb brown hyena- The ambull can win due to being much more robust, but a single bite of the hyena can easily kill the ambull.

80 lb leopardess vs 110 lb elite ambull- The leopardess would still win. It is better armed, more agile, is a born killer, and has good hunting skills.

130 lb jaguaress vs 176 lb wolf- Jaguars are too powerfully built and also a single bite of it could shatter this massive wolf. The forelimbs of the jaguaress could easily deter the wolf's attacks.

60 lb clouded leopard vs 70 lb lynx- The clouded leopard is much more powerful, more aggressive, and also is better armed.

300 lb jaguar vs 200 lb cougar and big cougaress- The cougars can win, but the jaguar would be more of a winner. The jaguar's bite is much stronger than the cougar, and also jaguars are the most robust felines.

200 lb jaguar vs 2 155 lb wolves- The jaguar would win. It would take at least 4-6 large wolves to fairly beat a male jaguar.

large bull shark vs 26 ft anaconda in shallow water- The anaconda would win if it could catch the shark in an ambush. But head on head, the shark's bite could easily tear it apart.

large gorilla vs 4 elite apbts- The gorilla would win, although the pitbull terriers would put up much of a fight. Gorillas have big powerful forelimbs, and a large one would have no problem taking them out one by one.

600 lb tiger vs 26 ft python in shallow water- If the python ambushed the tiger, it could have a chance to win. Tigers are not very good fighters in water, although they are excellent swimmers. Even a tiger this big could have some trouble killing a large python in water.

300 lb jaguar vs 300 lb sumatran tiger- Its a very close fight, but the sumatran tiger has the edge. Its just far more aggressive and also is faster/more agile.

300 lb jaguar vs 3 spotted hyenas- The jaguar could split the hyenas off easily and take them out one by one.

Elite apbt vs 220 lb english mastiff- The english mastiff is rather sluggish and isnt as aggressive as the pitbull terrier. The pitbull terrier could win, but the big size of the mastiff is a problem.

Large giraffe vs 10 hyenas- The giraffe, very easily. Hyenas arent built to tackle giraffes and the giraffe can easily trample them all.  

Gaurav wrote at 2012-10-26 08:08:05
Dear Early,

I feel that most of your answers are spot on. But I've a different view on the following match-up:

200 lb jaguar vs 2 155 lb wolves- The jaguar would win. It would take at least 4-6 large wolves to fairly beat a male jaguar.

Though the jaguar will win against 2 very large wolves, but only just. Wolves are not like dogs, i.e., they are much more tougher, durable, aggressive and have a wicked bite. And then, they cooperate very well. Even a smaller wolf won't be an easy kill for the jaguar and when they get to 70-75 kg, they are massive. 3-4 large wolves can kill a 90 kg jaguar, though 1-2 of them will have serious injuries or even get killed.

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