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spokes wrote at 2012-10-03 23:45:20
I disagree.

Polar bear vs 2 bengal tigers- The polar bear would more likely be the winner. It would weigh much more than the tigers combined together, and also the polar bear's massive strength could overwhelm them.

Bali tiger vs Mountain gorilla- The bali tiger was a really small tiger, which only weighed about 200 lbs. The mountain gorilla is around 500 lbs at full grown sizes, and would literally more than double the tiger in size. The gorilla should win in most fights being much larger and having enough strength to strangle the tiger to death.

Chimps arent easily intimidated. 10 would definitely not run away from a lioness.  

email wrote at 2012-12-17 23:50:16
I agree, but just want to explain further.

1) I'd back the polar bear. It would still be too powerful and big for two gorillas.

2) Same as above, except more of chances of the bengal tigers winning.

3) The polar bears should win.

4) Not an easy fight, but the lioness should win.

5) Both black bears would win conformtably. Bali tigers only weighed 90 kg at peak.

6) As above. The gorilla is about twice the size of the tiger, and should beat it.

7) The eagles could kill it. They are well experienced in dealing with apes and primates. The chimp would have a hard time capturing both of them.

8) Probably the mule deer. It is quite aggressive, and it has antlers and hoofs to take the chimp out.  

9) The lioness could kill a chimp easily, but ten would be too much for it.

10) Just depends on how things work. The elephant could shove the rhinos aside and take them out one by one. The rhinos could win if they all attacked at once.  

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