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I want to ask you some questions on canids and their faceoffs. I heard that wolves are dangerous towards human beings, and they have been commonly heard to frequently prey on livestock. In decent sized packs, they also have been known to chase off black bears and hunt adult moose/bison. I also found out that wolves live in europe, north america, siberia, india, and northeastern china. Have fun answering these questions.

200 lb prime grey wolf vs 100 lb sun bear

200 lb prime grey wolf vs 100 lb mountain lion

200 lb prime grey wolf vs 100 lb chimpanzee

12 grey wolves vs polar bear

5 grey wolves vs jaguar

8 grey wolves vs african lion

Grey wolf vs Brock lesnar

Firstly, yes Wolves can be dangerous towards human beings and livestock is certainly in danger when wolves are around.

That is a huge Wolf and it's going to be fierce.

200 lb prime grey wolf vs 100 lb sun bear
I'd give the Sun bear the upper hand here, a lone wolf would struggle against an average Sun Bear but this is a big wolf and if it can out flank the Bear for long enough it could do some damage. I'd give it 70%/30% to the Bear.

200 lb prime grey wolf vs 100 lb mountain lion
The wolf would most likely win this, ordinarily I would give it to the cat but the size difference is enough for the wolf to win. Mountain Lions would easily win at parity but this is a huge size difference.

200 lb prime grey wolf vs 100 lb chimpanzee
A chimp will be a nightmare for any canid but the size of this wolf is enough to overwhelm the chimp physically. Chimps are know however for going for vulnerable parts of other chimps and other animals but a 200lb pound wolf isn't going to let that happen.

12 grey wolves vs polar bear
This is a tough one, if you mean 12 grey 200lb wolves then yes they could beat a Polar Bear but an average pack will have more subservient ones who would be the first to be killed by the bear, if the bear kills or cripples them quickly then the odds go to the bear very quickly but 12 wolves will tire him out long before they attack him so I give it to the wolves.

5 grey wolves vs jaguar
I really think this is just too hard for the jaguar, the wolves will have to be on there a game but they can do it,s probably 1 or 2 too much for the jag.

8 grey wolves vs african lion
Well I have a little knowledge about this type of situation and can say that 5 Hyenas are about the threshold the Lion can handle. I think it's just too much for the Lion. Lions historically have killed 10 dogs in a go but these are wolves that are well versed in tiring out and attacking large strong animals. If the lion however starts to pick them off the odds start changing but I doubt the wolves would let that happen.

Grey wolf vs Brock lesnar
If it's the 200lb wolf then Brock could be in trouble, he will not be able to out manouver the wolf and that could go on for quite a while. If he manages to catch the wolf he may very well be able to choke it due to his own power but a wolfs bite can do a fair bit of damage and especially this one. You have hear the expression "grabbing the wolf by the ears", well Brock will really have to do this. I'd give it 50/50

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QUESTION: Hi again,

Thanks for answering those questions. Here are my last ones.

5 grey wolves vs 300 lb wild boar

6 grey wolves vs 600 lb brown bear

What about 2 200 lb prime grey wolves vs sun bear

Hi Ray,
thanks for the questions,

5 grey wolves vs 300 lb wild boar,
My first thoughts are that the wolves can do this, if the boar is particularly viscous then one or two of the wolves could suffer but this is a realistic animal for wolves to peruse for food. They would be well versed in this attack I think.
6 grey wolves vs 600 lb brown bear
Believe it or not this happens and sometimes whole packs have been changed from an encounter with a Bear like this. The wolves would have to tire the bear out considerably but really the Bear will catch one or two and the game will be over, Bear wins.
2 200 lb prime grey wolves vs sun bear
Wolves win here, they got what it takes to do it, too much for this bear.

Thanks Ray.  

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