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hi andy,seeing as these two animals coexist and are both apex predators,who do you think would win more often than not if these two animals come across each other?and lets say big specimens,the jaguar or the green anaconda?thanks andy

Hi Steve,
Unfortunately I haven't had the privilege of being in the Amazon with these animals and have only seen them in zoos, however I have a little knowledge on each.

The Anaconda can get so big that it would be a worry for the Jaguar if it engages it for prey, I doubt the Jaguar would do it unless it was it's last chance at a meal. More often then not the Jaguar will win, it is dexterous enough to avoid the position the snake will want him in and strong enough to pierce to scales of the snake, however if the Cat did indeed get caught it has a serious problem because the more it would try to get out the more that muscle body will try to crush. This Snake has killed both Cougar and Jaguar as far as I know.
To answer your question straight, the Jaguar will win more than not, The Jaguar is a pumped up Leopard with Jaws like a Lion and could out manouver and outfight the snake. If the Snake creeps up and positions itself in the right way the Cat could be killed (does not happen much thou)

Thanks Steve.

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