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Hi Jim, how are you doing?

1: Over the summer (America's summer that is) you said that even a very elite GSD would stand next to no chance against a prime, full-sized (i.e. 20+kgs) wolverine. But let's pretend the GSD gets lucky. What will be the right strategy to overcome the wolverine's advantages in fighting skill/durability/gameness?

2: What would you call the minimum dog breed that can beat this same wolverine at least 50% of the time? Rottie maybe?

3: Which is more game: an elite, game-bred APBT or an elite fighting bull?

4: Could three elite Spanish fighting bulls take down a musth African elephant?

5: Komodo vs. Travis at exact parity, i.e. 90-100kg.

6: Spanish fighting bull vs. black rhino at exact parity (big bull, small but prime rhino).


Hey Martin. I am well thanks, hope you are as well.

1. Basically what you said, luck. The GSD has a big bite, and a muzzle capable of fitting the entire wolverine head. So if it can find an opening, clamp down on the wolverine's head and basically crush it, that's how it'll win.

2. Perhaps I'm overestimating how large a 20kg wolverine would be, but I really think it would take something like a Rottweiler so give it a good fight. It might even take something like a real bull-breed, I'm not sure.

3. The APBT. I go with the dog because of intelligence. The bull is quite stupid, to be blunt, and confusion is rife. But the dog knows exactly what it wants and does it, single-mindedly.

4. Travis would die, and I'm not sure if he'd be able to do enough damage before that in order to kill the Komodo. He is slow and would get lots of bites though, so I'd imagine he'd die fairly quickly. The Komodo is not that slow either, it could avoid Travis most of the time.

5. Rhino, every day.

Cheers Martin.

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