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Hello Andy, good answers to all of us as always!

Here are some more for you from me.

1: Could ten elite, game-bred Rotties (at their full weight of 55kg) take down a prime male grizzly?

2: Max-sized prime golden cat (i.e. 15kg) vs. a prime Staffie bull terrier at exact parity

3: How would an imaginary prime honey badger that is 40kg do against an elite Ambull of the same weight?

4: Elite Spanish fighting bull of 650kg vs. four prime, full-sized Komodos of 80 kg that are working together

5: Three elite fighting bulls versus a musth African bull elephant

6: Twenty-five full-sized wolverines (i.e. 25kg) against a musth elephant

Thank you!

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the questions!

1. Rotties are big and there initial attack will be the best so it's possible they would give the Bear a beating here but if the Bear survives that attack he will knock them off 1 by 1. There is evidence online of Bears killing many Dogs in one go so I'd well believe the Bear could do it. Pitbulls are easier to kill initially than Rotties usually this is only because the Pits are smaller, the Rottweiller is actually a lot stronger but cannot last as long as a Pitbull so the Bear will be hard up not to kill quickly. Wolves out flank Bears very well but Rotties would not do as well and if the Bear catches on it's done for. 10 I'd give it 50/50, unless it's a prime Kodiak Bear then he would do it.

2. Cats are strange in that they don't really become massively strong until they get to sizes bigger than this Golden Cat, the Cat is an excellent hunter and brilliant at surviving but the Staffie is too solid, too fierce and would fling the Cat around I think. However if the Cat ambusher a pet Staffie he could get a throat bite but it's unlikely. 15kg Golden Cat is strong enough but not even near the likes of a Leopard.

3. It's hard to answer questions like this Martin as these animals don't exist but I think the Honey Badger would win due to it's size and it being very aggressive as much as the Ambull.

4.  There is no way the Komodos are going to even attempt it, the Bull would win. If the Bull kills 1 of them the other Komodos will give up. It is most likely a non event tho.

5. Now this would be an epic, I'm sure this happened in the Colosseum of Rome in front of an Emperor. The Elephant you say is the most powerful land animal, it is just like fighting a temperamental JCB. The Elephant wins with a few bruises but not much of a sweat. I would feel sorry for the Bulls cause they have no chance whatsoever.

6. The Wolverines could not hurt the Elephant much, This fight would last as long as it takes the Elephant to pick each one up and send it 300 Feet in the air. The Wolverines may scare the Elephant but that will make him react faster. Elephants are just so powerful beyond what we can comprehend nearly.

Thanks Martin,

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