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QUESTION: Hi again,
I have a few questions regarding dogs that are bread for fights. What are the best ones?
Have any been bred for fighting or big game animals?
Could you get a big Cat and train it for fights?
What is the best cat for fighting?
What is the best bovid for fights with dogs?
Can monkeys fight dogs in a pit fight?
Have you any iof on Baboons as I hear they are really good fighters, how do they act with dogs?
Hope you can answer, I myself hate animal fights but im interested to see.

ANSWER: Hi again, you are really trying to find a loophole here aren't ya?
I'm happy to answer as best I can tho!
Firstly, the best fighting breed is the APBT, this is the case due to history, bloodlines and gameness of the Dog, size wise however it can be at a disadvantage against Ochvarka, kangles and large mixed breeds but if parity plays a part the APBT will win on average. There are most definitely mixed breeds that have been a force to reckon within the dog fighting world and as I have witnessed it is not necessarily breed determined.
Secondly, yes Dogs have been bred for hunting big game, they range form Beagles to Dogo Argentino to Ochvarka. Technically they are not bred for fighting these animals only for hunting them. Doggos are particularly good as they have the gameness of the pitbull and the expertise of the hound in he blood, a good mix when dealing with game.
All Cats are technically good fighter, I'm talking big Cats here by the way. The Cheetah is most definitely built for speed and not brute force but it's the fastest land animal so it has done well there. The best fighting cat will be the most powerful, so a Siberian Tiger will be up there.
That's a long answer but all bovids can protest themselves in some way and an average dog won't get a look in. I'll give you an example a average Cape Buffalo would destroy any Dog that has ever existed and many big Cats too! An Elephant would be invulnerable to 10 giant Dogs.
Yes monkeys can protect themselves from Dogs, most can. If you mean could a monkey fight a Pit bull, yes some could. Am old world monkey like a Mandrill could on average beat most dogs in a fight. Obviously small Monkeys could not defend against a dog, however that is not to say it wouldn't out smart a dog.
As regards Baboons, they don;t get along with dogs well, they tease them, bite them and generally annoy them. Baboon males can definitely out fight a APBT, but the right APBT could win. They are a nightmare for Dogs due to there abilities with hands and they also got fangs, they often attack Dogs down in SA. Actually I would imagine that in SA dogs hate Baboons the most of any animal. Baboons are great fighters and unfortunately a ranger who worked in the reserve I did was killed by a Baboon.


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QUESTION: Hi again Andy,
I just wanted to ask your knowledge of pitbul dogs and what they are capable of. I have never been near big cats and I know they are very dangerous but could dogs be that dangerous in the wild. Could APBT dog live wild and compete with other big dogs like wolves. Are pitbuls dangerous to stupid people who cant look after them properly. Why do you think the APBT is the most poweful dog. Also do you think they should be banned in the USA cause they have attacked children and stuff.
Also, you say that Leopards are wayyy more powerful than most people think. Why?
also in this video
the dog killed the family baby why do you think?

Thanking you

Hi agian,
Thanks for the questions!

Firstly that video you sent was very sad, It was horrendous situation and I feel sorry for all involved.

Ok, so here we have the APBT, a dog breed whos sole purpose was for fighting, it has a long history with this. The APBT lines like the Colby or the others really stem from European ancestry namely the UK and Ireland. At these times they were used for betting purposes and fought in accordance to the bets on offer. The APBT is the final result of all that and it is possibly the most prolific dog for the sport of fighting.
The capabilities of the APBT are simple, it fights hard and uses 100% of its power until it dies or the other dies. They have become very athletic with loads of stamina and raw viciousness. This does not mean that they are not loving loyal animals. Unfortunately they attract some owners who have no idea how to look after them and may see them as something to make them look tough or even as a weapon, that's why there's all the trouble really.
I just want anyone who looks at this to know that this dog is horrifically abused and as a result has abused other dogs and people however it is down to humans ultimately.
In the wild they don't meet the needs of what it would take, yes they are strong and hardy but only relative to other dogs and similar sized animals. There aggressive tendencies will get them into trouble far more than other animals. There are a million reason why domestic dogs don't survive in the likes of Africa. Wolves are certainly viscous too but they are highly adapted to the are they live. They have the smarts and more skills then the Braun.

APBT is the most powerful dog?
On average I believe so, this dog has had a long history fighting, more so than most others, it has been nearly tailor made to fight other canines. It has the perfect size and most of all stamina to fight hard. Yes a large powerful dog may beat or kill a Pitbull but the right pitbull will beat any dog. Unfortunately there are accounts on-line of medium sized pitbulls beating larger Eastern types, this is because at a certain point the size does not matter, the Pitbull is the gladiator and the other dog may be a beast but it's within the APBT to do the job. If a Pitbull is to win a fight, it only has to take a beating and it will have plenty of stamina after it has, so if a Kangal seems like it is too big for the APBT it may conceivably beat it but if it doesn't the APBT will have the stamina long after the Kangal has given it its all.

Also, you say that Leopards are way more powerful than most people think. Why?
I have heard, seen and experienced Leopards in captivity and the wild and they are very unpredictable in what they can do. I'll just say this, if I was given a choice to head to head with a APBT or a Leopard I would pick the Dog or maybe not, if I knew the Leopard wanted to kill me I would pick the Leopard because it would be real quick. One day a Leopard may flee the next it would want your head. I have seen Leopards bring 3 times their weight up a steep tree, now that's power.

Sorry for the delay, that's a horrible situation in the youtube vid you showed me, but people are to blame ultimately.


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