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Interspecies Conflict/Canids vs wild cats


Hello there,

The dogs are all at their prime, and some wild cats too.

Prime 150 lb rottweiler vs 6 african golden cats
Prime 330 lb english mastiff vs 10 african golden cats
Prime 110 lb golden retriever vs Prime 90 lb lynx
Prime 70 lb pitbull vs 70 lb mountain lion
Prime 150 lb siberian husky vs Prime 44 lb wolverine
Prime 70 lb african wild dog vs Prime 50 lb caracal
Prime 160 lb cane corso vs 4 bobcats
Prime 180 lb rottweiler vs 120 lb leopard
Prime 350 lb tibetan mastiff vs 7 bobcats

Hi Pete,
Thanks for the questions,

1. The golden cats can win this theoretically if they work together they would be a nightmare for the dog who can only deal with one at a time. The Dog will get one and kill it but that will take longer than you think and the others would lacerate him repeatedly by the time he was dealt with one. The truth is I doubt the cats would work together well tho but if they did they could do it.

2. Very same situation, a little harder for the Cats but if they are working together the Dog will loose its legs to bites and lacerations.

3. If the Retriever is trained for a situation like this maybe he can win but if not the Lynx will win most likely with a neck bite. I would give it 70/30 to the Lynx.

4. This is the best dog for this fight and he has a chance if the Cat is not a prime cat, if so the Dog dies quickly. This is not a very big Mountain Lion but they can still be viscous killers at this size, so can the Dog be but on average the Cat is just a better fighter. I have seen evidence of Cougars being over fought by Dogos and Pit bulls but on closer inspection it turned out the Cougars had been de-Clawed and were very small and basically bait animals so that said nothing on the real deal.

5. I think the husky could win this due to his size but not in a straight-forward way, also the wrong move could spell a dis-embowled dog as last night I saw evidence to say that Wolverines can do this in an attack form a Dog or even Wolf.

6. I definitely think the AWD can do this, the Caracal(a true character of the Cat world)is a solidly built cat but he is built for speed and jumping not really for a fight like this. The size gives the dog the edge. I have played around with Caracals and they have massive stamina, they love playing and stay like that all there lives, they are rugged and you can wrestle around with them, a bite would be a bad one tho however they are not really aggressive. I really like these guys.

5. Again if the Cats work together they can do it, it's just unlikely they would. That's a huge Dog and it has the power for three but I think it's one too many for him. The Cats will have injuries tho. I would say that the Cats would have to be 35LB plus for this tho.

6. After witnessing the sheer power of the Leopard in different situations, I don't think the dog would last more than a minute or two with a Leopard however this is a huge Dog, Rottys don't tend to get that big so being that weight may go against it. If the Leopard is confident then the Dog may die very quickly. In South Africa Leopards have killed Dogs like Bull Terrier, Dogo and bigger so I think the Leopard can do it. I saw a fight between a Leopard and a German Shepherd and the Dog was out done really quickly, the fight was stopped very quickly with water but it was clear what would have happened next, it would of been a neck bite followed by a flip over, not good for the dog. Even female Leopards have killed formidable dogs. I hear that captive leopards can't deal with them as much.

7. I don't know about this one, I'm guessing the Cats at that number could do it but as I said before they would have to coordinate it and it's unlikely they would. If they did then they could win.

Hope that helps.  

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