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hi andy and i apologise for the subject mistake,and that's what i meant the kodiak vs the ananconda.and i agree with you ,no snake is beating a bear of that size,just i've seen many documentaries on anacondas and many times they state once the anaconda makes a loop no animal can escape,but that is nonsense in my oipinion they kill animals that can't actually fight back,and killing a pig large rodent etc is not like taking on a large bear,anyway what about a 30ft anaconda vs a 500lb bengal tiger same scenario?thanks andy

Hi again Steve,
Ye that bear would be a near monster and everything should just stay clear of it. The anaconda would be a nightmare to "unloop" in fact the more you fight the tighter it would get.
The tiger would be a similar scenario however the tiger is more dexterous as regard getting hold of the snake, this snake is 30ft so the tiger does not want to get looped by it. Cats are really good at locating the vulnerable snake head and will dance around it so it can get a clear shot, it doesn't want to be near the mid section as things could get complicated there!
Thanks Steve.

Interspecies Conflict

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