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Hi jim,

I liked how you explained your answers. This time I am going to ask you on some questions based on same species plus herbivore/carnivore matchup. Thanks for your help.

1200 lb Polar bear vs 400 lb wild boar

2 400 lb american black bears vs 250 lb wild boar

880 lb american black bear vs 220 lb wild boar

330 lb polar bear vs 880 lb american black bear

250 lb wild boar vs 700 lb european brown bear

770 lb european brown bear vs 770 lb siberian brown bear

880 lb american black bear vs 880 lb polar bear

2 330 lb american black bears vs 660 lb european brown bear

Full grown adult Moose vs Siberian brown bear

2 350 lb american black bears vs 500 lb siberian brown bear

1200 lb Bison vs 1200 lb Polar bear

1100 lb Grizzly bear vs 1200 lb polar bear

Hey Simon,

1. A polar bear that size really should win, but it wouldn't be a sure thing. The boar is very hard to kill, far more so than anything the bear usually deals with. But at 1200 lb it has to be favoured.

2. The boar should do a lot of damage then get away. Black bears would be quite bad for taking on wild boars and it's not like two would work together to change that.

3. Same deal as #1, bear wins simply cause of size.

4. Well the black bear would win in this unlikely match up.

5. I like the brown bear at these weights but again, not a sure thing.

6. Polar bear easily.

7. Probably the brown bear but it's not going to be so dominant that two black bears won't get time to do big damage. They may very well injure the brown bear enough to kill it.

8. A healthy moose should be able to defend itself and at least drive the bear off. I think if it really engages in a fight with an adult brown bear it would be at a high risk of getting killed.

9. I'll swing this one over to the black bears.

10. Bison easily.

11. Even 100 lbs less I'd favour the grizzly, but close to 50/50.

Cheers Simon

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