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Hi Jim, how are you? Does Australia have an equivalent of Thanksgiving at any point in the year?

Here are my questions.

1: You missed this one from last time. Pretend you have three very intelligent elite fighting bulls that are cooperating and know how to flank and ambush an opponent. How would they do against a musth elephant?

2: Pretend you have a prime 35kg honey badger that has been trained to do whatever you want. How would it do as a catch-dog?

3: 30 elite trained APBTs at prime fighting weight (i.e. 20-25kg) versus a musth elephant; do they stand a chance?

4: Two 400kg monster prime Eurasian boars cooperating against a 1500kh hippo

5: Imaginary lite Ambull against hippo at exact parity

6: Imaginary 350kg clouded leopard against prime grizzly at parity


Hey Martin. Yeah I suppose our equivalent would be Australia Day, which is on the 26th of January.

1. They would all die.

2. Not useless, but pretty bad. Lacks the sheer will and determination to consistently and relentlessly hold on to a dangerous animal. Also physically, it won't have the shut-jaw strength to keep a good hold.

3. Maybe 1% chance. A sweep of the trunk will take out a number of dogs. Then there's stomping, tusks and basically just sheer size.

4. Maybe the boars could win, but the hippo should be favoured. Its skin is just so thick, and it would take one small misstep for a boar to be killed, that the hippo should win.

5. Hippo probably too powerful and too well armed and armoured.

6. Maybe the CL, but who knows? It has the morphology to compete with just about anything, but would it translate at this size? I'll say yes.

Cheers Martin

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